Mie Prefecture - Waterfalls

Waterfalls in Mie Prefecture
After a one hour train ride from Yamato Saidaiji station and then about ten minutes bus ride you will get to this beautiful place.
It is a valley in a mountain are, which offers a hiking path with a lot of nature.
If you want to see my new video about this place, here it is:
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This area is located in the prefecture Mie (三重県) close to the city Nabari.
After arriving there, the first thing I realized is that it is a little colder than in the city (of course, because there is a river and mountain).
There were some suvenir shops and some opportunities to buy a drink or ice.
I would definately buy a drink there because you will not find anything later.
After that you arrive at the entrance. A ticket for the hiking path costs 400 Yen.
Right at the beginning there is a salamander center where you can see giant salamanders!
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Yes they might look cute, but they actually bite if you meet them in the nature.
The main attraction, which is a big waterfall, is about 3km away from the start.
But you can see some other nice waterfalls the whole way.
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It gets more difficult the further you go.
I would definately recommend using hiking shoes as there are many stairs, stones and just not really any flat ground.
I saw a girl walking there with high heels, and I just thought: "Girl, are you crazy?", but she walked suprisingly well!
Also once you will see the stairs of Mordor:
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After about one and a half hours of walking and taking photos, I arrived at the main waterfall:
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It is really relaxing and kind of feels good to walk in the nature of Japan.
But be aware of one thing: the last bus back to the train station goes at 16:45 so don't miss it!
That was again a trip which I enjoyed a lot.
If you also want to visit this place, and don't know how to go there, then I will help you out in the comments.
Have a good day and see you in the next article,
stay tuned.

Rob W