The dancing girl of Izu / The waterfalls of Kawazu Nanadaru

A young man from Tokyo is going on a hike at the Izu Peninsula. His journey starts at the Amagi mountain close to Jogasaki. He walks around the mountains to Kawazu, Inazusa and finish his trip in at the port of  Shimoda. During the hike he met a group of traveling performers who touring around tea and guest houses in that area. He is joining the group who is from Oshima a small island close to Shimoda. The youngest girl of the group has aroused his interest and he tries to get in contact with her the whole way.
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The short story is about a young love during the 18th century in Japan. The dancing girl of Izu (Izu no odoriko) was written in 1926 by the Japanese Nobel Prize winner and writer Yasunari Kawabata and is well known around Japan.
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If you are at the Izu Peninsula you should visit the beautiful waterfalls of Kawazu Nanadaru. The Kawazu waterfalls are seven small to larger waterfalls in the mountains of Kawazu. The waterfalls all lead along a slight little hiking trail. Especially during the fall, a walk along the trail is worthwhile as Japanese red maple trees are everywhere around the river.
There are several statues of the main characters of the short story “The dancing girl of Izu” on the trail, because part of the story is in that area.
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The highest of the seven waterfalls is the last one called Kama-daru. To reach the waterfall you have to cross two big suspension bridges. If you have high altitude, do not go over the bridge alone.
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Along the way there is also a big rock in the middle of the river. There is a rumor that if you throw a small stone on the rock, you can make a wish. Please check it out!
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Kerstin Yamane