5 Tips and Tricks when visiting Enoshima Island


If you have stumbled across this article, chances are you are looking for the perfect day-trip or adventure away from the bustling city of Tokyo. Enoshima Island also associated with Kamakura is an island that boasts a full day and night packed with beautiful sceneries, experiences and a culture of food. Being only an hour and a half away via train from major prefectures in Tokyo, this is a place you should definitely take the bait in visiting. This is the third series of my 5 Tips and Tricks where I explore and give non-generic advice on experiences I have undertaken. These unconventional tips and tricks will enhance your experience, or provide ideas for you to take on when you choose to visit each named location! Without further ado, welcome to my 5 Tips and Tricks when visiting Enoshima Island!

1. Watch the sunrise from the beach

Arriving from Enoshima Station, you will be eluded into following the hoards of crowds traversing towards what looks like a hill of boutique stores, restaurants and a mountain hosting the famous lighthouse. Instead of following the crowd, especially if you have arrived early as this tip suggests, head over to the beach nearby. On this beach, take a seat on the massive enclave of rocks or even on the sand, watching young surfers or kite runners practice their skills, elegantly gracing each wave as it crashes against the shore. The view from here is spectacular. With an open view surrounded by large mountains and open ocean, an experience like this is not only rejuvenating but the best possible way for you to start your day like no other in your travels in Japan.
Watching the sunrise nice and early, where the sky is just starting to become brighter and the sun is appearing- its illumination warming the backdrop of the Enoshima lighthouse on the left

2. Get your feet cleaned by fish

As interesting as this hill of stores, souvenirs, food and stalls are I would recommend only glancing or skipping over this area as they are nothing short of tourist traps. Featuring highly priced food and merchandise that can be found almost anywhere in Japan, the only worthwhile products are souvenirs that implicitly state that you have visited Enoshima Island. Instead, devote your time by heading up the hill and visiting a little shop that has fish in it ready to eat
clean your feet! Although I was not allowed to film or take any images, it cost me only 500 YEN for 30 minutes of pure relaxation. You dip your feet into a spa full of these fish which gently nibble away dead skin and leave your feet refreshed, smooth and healthy! If you are ticklish like myself the sensation is a bit odd at first but give it a try and you too wish find much enjoyment from this activity.
Head up this hill near the end on your left to find the fish cleaning service

3. Visit all of the attractions except for the Lighthouse

When you reach the entrance to Enoshima you will find on notice boards that there are a myriad of options and features to explore whilst on this mountain. You may feel that you have to quickly rush through each and every landmark but I would advise to skip out on the lighthouse- for a good reason of course. With the morning and afternoon at your disposal, take your time to truly admire each landmark from the caves where you guide yourself with a lit candle, the rockbanks next to the ocean where you can sit next to fisherman and discuss life, the beautiful cherry blossom gardens (even in the Winter!), and the many more shrines and features that you will find. I found that purchasing the escalator pass was worthwhile for not only time efficiency but for later use as well (Tip 5). This is the perfect time for you to enjoy the true beauty and nature Enoshima Island has to offer whilst enjoying all the food, including their specialty fish bait styled meals. I admittedly rushed through Enoshima Island and looking back, I truly wish I had taken more time to enjoy and ponder upon each landmark- which thankfully, you can do with these tips!
One of the many Cherry Blossoms found on the mountain

4. Watch the Sunset over Mt. Fuji

A lot of my tips and tricks featured in my articles always suggest doing such activities. If this is not your thing, please skip to Tip 5. If however you have an appreciation for beauty and want to make life-lasting photography and memories, then this is the tip for you. Sitting on the bridge between the station and the Island itself, Mt Fuji rests dormant, dominating the skyline in the near distance. This beautiful sight is only catalysed by the falling sun, its rays shining against Mt Fuji presenting what can only be described as one of the most perfect moments, landscapes and sceneries anyone can ever experience. Myself being a fan of such moments, cannot stress the beauty of this image so I will let you do so for yourself- this is perhaps the most important tip in this article!
The sunset over Mt. Fuji- this picture truly does not do it justice, although it is still beautiful!

5. Visit the Lighthouse

After traversing all across the mountain, seeing all those beautiful sights its time to use that escalator pass to its full advantage. Instead of having to stop by and see each landmark you have already experienced, take the escalators all the way up until you reach the Lighthouse. Three words- I told you! After spending a lot of your energy and then seeing the most spectacular sunset over Mt.Fuji you are now presented with a canopy of lit gardens. Every tree and plant you see is lit up in an array of colours. It almost feels like Christmas with pathways glowing with bright lights leading all the way up to the Lighthouse. Up here (with your escalator pass) you can truly gauge the sheer glistening beauty that is the fauna and nature here. Take the time to reflect on a beautiful day, walk through the gardens in peace and awe as Enoshima Island lights up- celebrating perhaps the end of your day trip or an adventure away from Tokyo or wherever you visited from.
Source: http://japantravelmate.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/3-Enoshima-Shonan-Spring-Festival.jpg

Hence I leave you with my 5 Tips and Tricks when visiting Enoshima Island. By following these unconventional tips, you too can enjoy or even have a better experience than I, on what was already one of the most perfect day trips I have ever conducted across the world. This island is a must no matter what your preferences- and with it only being an hour or so train ride away, there is no excuse to miss out on this!
Kind regards,
Kevin Hong

Kevin Hong