Straight walk into Bills at Shichirigahama

We always look for pancakes from Bills, sometimes queuing up for 1 hours or 2 hours or even longer at Ginza or Shibuya.
On the day of 成人の日, my friend worked at Tokyo bring me to Shichirigahama. We were looking for fresh air from the nature, but not just staying in a concrete jungle during holiday. We then spent an hour on travelling to reach the seaside area in Kamakura.
Travelling by JR

One minute walk from the train station to Bills at Shichirigahama. Wow effort happened when we saw the nice decoration with huge and big landing glass windows, with comfortable chair, wooden table and a super good view. Warm water was immediately being served after we had our seats.
One minute walk from JR station
Landing glass with good view

The menu of the restaurant are designed in Australian styles and served with two versions (English & Japanese). This is a chance for you to test your reading ability, since the menus are with no photos, you have to read the words carefully. I now know why people queue for so long in Shibuya.
Drinks Menu

We chose three different savoury dishes from the main menu before any kind of pancakes, as we arrived bills during lunch hour and we were all starving. No appetisers were ordered, knowing the desert wasn't going to be served in small portion.
Deep-fried chicken burger with pickles

Deep-fried chicken burger with pickles  was first served. Do not think first served dishes is the one without quality, indeed, the bread is hot and crispy, the chicken is with moist and juicy texture.
All-day breakfast with Gilles potatoes, tomatoes, pork-sausages, panfried egg and sourdough bread

Second coming up is the All-day breakfast. This is my all time favourite (with Gilles potatoes, tomatoes, pork-sausages, panfried egg and sourdough bread). I love the way of putting all the food on one plate like a little symphony, and when you are dining, you was like enjoying a one-man buffet. I believe they used up at least 4 eggs for the creamy egg under all the gilled partners.
Smoked Salmon on French Baguettes

It sounds simple when you heard the name of Smoked Salmon on French Baguettes, but when you see the actual product in front of you, you will be amazed, as bills don't just simply put Salmon on bread but with garnish!
Ricotta pancake

The last dish joining us was the significant ricotta pancake! They were so fluffy as they melt at once when they goes into your mouth! How dare you don't order this evil baby after coming so far, as the original plan is to join the natura during holiday.
P.S. Strongly recommend you to go Kamakura for bills pancake rather then queuing without fresh air!!!!!!

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