Uokin, One of the Best Izakayas in Tokyo

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Today, we'll be talking about one of my all time favorite Izakayas in Tokyo, "Uokin 魚金".
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A little background on the Izakaya. It is an Izakaya that owns its own fishing boats (so you can imagine how they can control their quality and pricing!)
Given they have their own fishing boats, you can safely assume that their cuisine is mainly based on fishes and seafood!
There is always a line up for this Izakaya, and there's definitely reasons backing them up!
1.) Their food tastes really fresh!
2.) The amount of food given per plate is reasonable to awesome.
3.) Reasonable pricing.
6 type Sashimi!!!! Too much to handle

There is one thing, however, that I'd like to point out is that I don't recall them having an English menu.
So I highly suggest you bring someone that speaks and reads Japanese fluently if you plan on visiting Uokin!
According to my experience at the Ikebukuro branch, you can also call them in advance to make reservations. (Some people even reserve a month beforehand)
What would I suggest that you order? Well if you're going with a couple of friends and you love sashimi, I definitely suggest ordering the  六点盛り (rokutenmori = also known as the six types of sashimi). However if you actually count the types of sashimi you get, you actually get more than 6 types. The huge plate you see in the first picture is the rokutenmori. Depending on what fish they have, they may change up the types of sashimi.

Next up is the 岩ガキ(Iwagaki)! Oh my goodness these are just too good to miss out on.
Side note: I believe there are many types of oysters and this is one of the many types that tastes super good with just the right amount of food in your mouth~~~ Delicious!
Kani + Kani miso

Finally we have the crab~ aka Kani~ I believe this is a seasonal dish that isn't always available (don't quote me on this!). 
However if this is available when you visit. I would totally recommend this to split with your friends. I'm not a huge fan of eating kani but it was really fresh and definitely tasted great. However, if you're not a huge fan like me and you're ordering just for yourself.... you may want to leave this for another occasion.
There are so many more dishes that I can talk about but I don't have the pictures to show you all. Until I find my pictures or visit Uokin another time!
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