Best Travel accessories to make your trip to Japan a lot easier and lighter


Best Travel accessories to make your trip to Japan a lot easier and lighter

1.       Easy shoes which can be put on and removed easily – In Japan there is still a custom to take your shoes off inside someone’s house. Some hotels, mostly Ryokan, will also ask you to take off your shoes while entering. Even temples sometimes ask you to take off your shoes, so make sure you wear easy shoes.
 2. Recommendation for easy shoes, the multifunctional Rollasoles - For all the girls who know the struggle of having to wear heels all night and not being able to walk when going home, or the girl who knows the struggle of only being able to pack 2 pairs of shoes on a trip, Rollasoles are heaven! These small rollable flats will take up limited space (they even fit into a small purse and can be taken with you when going clubbing) and are therefore a great option if you like to change shoes once in a while while on holiday. PS they come in great designs as well!
Rollasoles -

3.       Sea to Summit Microfiber Towel – Most hotels will provide free towels to use. Same goes for Japan. However, I do not like the idea of accidently finding one that doesn’t so I am not able to take a shower. Therefore I always brought along at least two towels with me. However, I found out I can save a lot of space by using an antibacterial microfiber towel. This quick dry towel can be used multiple times AND is very thin and lightweight. Therefore I now always still have a towel with me, but it doesn’t take up more space than 2 pairs of socks would.
Source: Sea to Summit official website
4.       Toiletries:  Pack it easy and Light – This tip contains multiple gadgets to make sure you travel with the least amount of toiletries, but still are able to get as fresh as you want.
a.       Buy Silicone bottles to store Shampoo, Conditioner etc in. In Japan, you will find almost all hotels providing shampoo and conditioner. However, I know it feels a bit riskey to not bring anything at all. Bring these small bottles with you instead of a full bottle of shampoo and save a lot of space and weight.
b.      Eagle Creek Pack it Slim Kit – I love this toiletry bag, since it is small, but can store so many great things. And one of the best things is that it has a hanger so you won’t have to drop it on the floor or on that gross sink in your hostel while taking a shower/brushing your teeth etc.
Eagle Creek Pack-it Slim kit - Source:

5.       Apps - Download Hyperdia, the Japanese train network app. This app will help you find all the train time tables you will need for your entire trip.

6.  A large wallet. Japanese Yen is a lot bigger than the Euro or Dollar billiets. Also, the Japanese do not often fold their money like Europeans and Americans do. If it is folded, most of the time it is only folded in half and that is about it. Therefore a large wallet is recommended to properly store your yen.
Gadgets which didn’t make the list

1.       Door Jammer AND Travel Door Alarm. Since Japan is a very safe country you might not need these items when travelling to Japan. However, as a female traveler I always bring these with me to any country just in case. Both of these have their own function and protection and probably either one isself is okay, but I prefer to bring them both.
The Door Jammer is a security device which is slipped under a door and put in place by the arm on the floor. This device makes sure no one will come in through the door while you are asleep. The Travel Door alarm however, isn’t going to keep the intruders from coming in, however it will make a hell of a lot of noise when someone does to wake you and the rest of your hotel up. I like this alarm, because it can also be used on a window.
Door Jammer - Source:

Door Alarm - Source:

2.       Gargle Cup – I love this accessory. In some hotels you will not get a gargle cup to help you brush your teeth, so I bought the Gargle Cup! However, it is multi functional. I always take the Gargle Cup with me to events and while hiking. This cup can be packed in your purse and you are always able to get some fresh water from the bathroom instead of having to pay 5 euros for some water at events, or get some water while making a stop while hiking. I haven’t added this to my list, since Japan has so many cheap vending machines everywhere, you won’t need this, but I recommend this cup anywhere else.
(Bought mine from - Type in: 'Leaf Gargle Cup' and you will find it)
Gargle Cup - Source:

3. Sleeping Liner - When I travel I always take my sleeping liner with me. Most often this liner is used inside a sleeping bag, so your sleeping bag will not get all sweaty when you use it over and over again. However, I also use the liner whenever I visit a hostel abroad and sometimes even whenever I stay in hotels. Because you will never know how often the bedding is changed or if bed bugs are present, the sleeping liner will prevent you from anything unwanted while you sleep. This item didn't make the list, since Japan's hospitality is very high and bedding is changed every single day in most hostels and hotels, so no need for a sleeping bag liner.

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