Where to shop in Ikebukuro Part 2 - Sunshine City

Hi everyone! It's Kim Dao here with another shopping article! This is the continuation from the last blog post on where to shop in Ikebukuro! You can read the last blog post here.
Because there is just so much to do in Ikebukuro, I decided to split the blog posts up. In today's post I'm going to show you some shops that you must go to if you are in Sunshine City in Ikebukuro. It has a lot of shops you must go to such as the Pokemon Center, Sanrio and Studio Ghibli store! Sunshine City is one of the main shopping malls in this area that has a lot of unique shops. Sunshine City is about a 10 minute walk from Ikebukuro station, or about a 3 minute walk from Higashi-Ikebukuro station.
Most people will be getting to Ikebukuro Station so to get there you have to head towards the East exit and walk your way down Sunshine 60 Street
Sunshine 60 Street

There are many interesting stores you can find here which you can read about in my previous blog post linked above! At the end of the street you will find Sunshine City
Sunshine City Entrance

Go down the escalators and follow the signs for Sunshine City! You will be on the B1F level if you go in from this entrance.
On the B1F level, there are a few stores you should go to! First is the Sanrio store!
Sanrio Store in Sunshine City

If you love Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty, Gudetama etc, this is the store you must go to! They have a lot of cute merchandise here which are perfect for gifts.
Right next to the Sanrio store is the Disney store!
Disney Store in Sunshine City

Conveniently located right next to the Sanrio store, the Disney stores in Japan are different in Japan. They have the cutest character merchandise that you can only find in Japan. It is a must visit for any Disney fan! For those who are also after Tokyo Disneyland/Disney Sea tickets, you can also buy them here! It is recommended you do buy them beforehand just so you don't have to wait in line on the day you go.
Next to the Disney Store is Moe Garden.
Moe Garden in Sunshine City

Moe Garden is the Studio Ghibli store. This is a must go place for Studio Ghibli fans! They have lots of cute character goods, the most popular character here is Totoro! You can find lots of cute plush toys, kitchenware and accessories here which would be perfect for souvenirs.
As you keep walking deeper inside Sunshine City, you will come across Alta.
Alta is like a shopping mall inside a shopping mall (confusing right?) But Alta is one of the must go places if you love Japanese fashion and want to buy them for a reasonable price. I find that Alta has a lot of shops that sell clothes and shoes for a cheaper price than most stores in Tokyo. For example you can find shoe shops that sell good quality shoes for only $10!
Definitely have a good look around Alta, you will come across some good bargains! There are also anime stores where you can buy anime merchandise here! For those who are looking to find a place to purchase a kimono in Tokyo, Alta also has a store dedicated to kimonos!
Now it's time to go upstairs!
The one shop you must go if you visit Tokyo is the Pokemon Center!
Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo

Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo

The Pokemon Center in Ikebukuro is one of the biggest in Tokyo. It has a lot of Pokemon merchandise that you can only get in Japan. They update their merchandise very regularly (usually around once a week) so there is always new items here. Definitely worth taking a look in and pick up some items for memories of your Japan trip!
If you are lucky you might be able to take some special photos if they are doing events!
Eevee event at the Pokemon Center Tokyo

There is so much more to do! Next we are going to go by Namja Town
Namja Town

Namja Town is like a mini theme park inside Sunshine City. If you have time to spare then this place is a great place to go! There is an entrance fee of around 500yen, but there are some interesting activities in here. They have things like a gyoza stadium where you can try out different types of gyoza, they even have an icecream store selling very unique icecream flavours (squid flavoured icecream?!)
One store that is one of my favourites is Loft!
Loft in Sunshine City

Unfortunately this loft is a lot smaller than other Lofts, but if you are looking for some cute Japanese gifts then you can get them here! You can also get Japanese makeup at Loft so it is worth checking out.
That's it for this post! Hope it was helpful! Let me know what other places in Japan you would like me to cover in terms of shopping!

Kim Dao