Japan's most unusual flavored donuts?

Japan is well known for releasing a lot of limited edition seasonal products. Whether it's new flavors of Kit Kats or Pocky, an interesting soft drink variety or a fun Starbucks Frappe, there's always something unique to try.
Mister Donuts usually has some delicious donut flavors - cream filled, matcha flavored, chocolate coated - the choices are plentiful. A few new and unusual choices that have just been released are their line of curry donuts!
Totally not what one would expect among cream filled and icing topped donut varieties!

The banner outside my local Mister Donuts store shows the different curry donuts that they just started selling. The options that they have are a keema curry donut, a Thai Green curry donut, and what they are calling a "Euro Curry" donut.
Things I never would have thought would go together = donuts & curry.

Some of you might be thinking to yourselves "why are they choosing to release a curry donut at the start of summer? Doesn't that seem somewhat counterproductive, since curry is typically a hot and spicy food?"
In a lot of places - Japan included - spicy food is actually seen as a way of keeping cool, by promoting perspiration. There's also the idea that spices get your appetite going, and you need a good appetite and energy to get through some of the humid summer days here. Mister Donut has also been bridging out in the last couple of years to incorporate a lot more savory food options too - they even sell things like tantanmen noodles and pasta dishes!
The green curry offering - 180 yen plus tax.
Maybe the Euro curry is more your cup of tea?

We decided to get one to split - since we didn't really know what it was going to be like we thought that just one would be a safe bet! We opted for the keema curry donut, since that's one of Mike's favorite curry types. It is a little weird when you look at it, since this one in particular looks just like a plain donut that you'd expect to be a little sweet. So, what was the taste verdict?
IMG_0008.JPG 1.41 MB

We both thought it was actually not bad! If you've tried Japanese curry pan (curry bread) before, it was pretty much just like that. The donut exterior was pretty chewy, more so than normal bread - but overall we were pleasantly surprised rather than completely grossed out!

Would we try the other flavors? 

If we were in for a savory snack we would definitely give another one a whirl! I think I'd probably consider the green curry next, just since Thai style curries have such a different flavor to them.

These donuts will be on sale at Mister Donut locations until the end of August if you want to check them out.

Enjoy Japan, and Happy Eating!

[If you do try one of the donuts, let me know what you thought of it in the comments!]

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