Seasonal Pocky Review: Mango Squeeze Pocky

Summer is here in Japan - and with that comes a number of tasty seasonal treats. As always, Pocky tends to release a few delicious offerings to coincide with different times of the year and special occasions, and one that I saw today was Mango Pocky! Here in Japan, mangoes are pretty expensive - I honestly don't think I've bought one since moving here 4 years ago. So when I saw this Pocky claiming to have 70% real mango juice in it, I knew that it was a must buy.
Hello, my precious...

Inside the box there are three individually wrapped packets of Pocky - so it's good for sharing with friends or perhaps if you don't want to eat the entire box of Pocky in one go! You can smell the mango scent as soon as you open the packet - and there's no denying the color definitely screams summer fruits too!
As for the taste - I would say that I'd give it about 3 and a half out of 5. It was a bit different having such a fruity flavor that was still chocolate. I think I am used to more traditional offerings like the regular chocolate, strawberry, almond crush, and cookies and cream, so having a very different taste to it was interesting.
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If you want to try the Mango Pocky, check your local convenience store (I found these at Family Mart  for 193 yen including tax, but they might be stocked at other stores too) as they are out now. Like a lot of limited edition goodies in Japan, when they're gone they're gone - so get in quickly!
After buying these at Family Mart, I later saw both a peach and a grape limited edition Pocky variety at Lawson's - so check various convenience stores if you want the trifecta of summery fruit flavors! I haven't yet tried those ones - but if I do, I'll be sure to let you know my thoughts!

Happy Eating!

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