The beauty of Japan - seasonal flowers part 2

The second part of seasonal flowers in Japan includes the plants blooming at the second half of the year.
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Jap. morning glory (あさがお):
You can find the japanese morning glory mostly around your neighborhood. It is a typical vine plant with small flowers in diffrent colors.
Blooming time:  July ~ October
Popular spots: ~ none ~
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Cosmos (コスモス):
Pink, white and purple are the typical colors of the cosmosplant. You can find those flowers mostly around big fields or close to the riverside.
Blooming time:  July ~ November
Popular spots: Kiba park Tokyo
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Red spider lilly (ひがんばな):
This plant has a very special look. The red blossom looks like small spider legs. You can see that plant in many flower parks around Japan.
Blooming time:  September
Popular spots: Izushiki no hana park Izu
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Lotus (はす):
Lotus is a very popular flower in Japan. Many ponds have beautiful lotus flowers. The plant is even a sign of the japanese emperor, that´s why you will find it on many buildings. You can find the lotus root as part of japanese cuisine.
Blooming time:  July ~ August
Popular spots:  Ueno park, Kamakura Hachimangu Shrine pond
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Sunflower (ひまわり):
Sunflowers are the typical summer flowers. They are blooming from July to August. You can find big sunflower fields in Hokkaido or just plant your own one on the balcony. A sunflower is an easy plant which doesn´t need much care.
Blooming time:  July ~ August
Popular spots: Hokkaido
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Lavender (ラベンダー):
The most popular spots to see lavender is on the big lavender fields in Hokkaido. You can see thousands of small lavender plants there, which look like a purple ocean.
Blooming time:  July ~ August
Popular spots: Hokkaido, Mother Farm Chiba
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Camelia (つばき):
The typical winterflower in Japan is the cute pink camelia. There are plenty of camelia trees everywhere in the city. Mostly those are the only flowers blooming in winter in Japan.
Blooming time:  Ocotber
Popular spots: ~ none ~
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Jap. marple (おおもみじ):
Autumm is the time for "Koyo", the Autumm foliage. In Japan that season is as popular as the cherry blossom season. When all trees are changing their color, people go to the nature to enjoy that special season. The most popular trees are the japanese marple trees which have very red beautiful leaves.
Blooming time:  September
Popular spots: everywhere around Japan
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Painted marple (いたやかえで):
Same like the japanese marple, the painted marple are very beautiful, because of their amazing yellow and red leaves.
Blooming time:  September ~ October
Popular spots: everywhere around Japan
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Ginkgo ( いちょう):
The last on the list are the beautiful yellow ginkgo trees which you can see from September to October. If the sun is in a right position the yellow leaves will look very golden.
Blooming time:  September ~ October
Popular spots:  Showa Kinen Park
There are way more beautiful flowers to enjoy in Japan, but the list would be endless then. If you are coming or living in Japan you should really check out the flower seasons!

Kerstin Yamane