Tokyu Hands: one of the handiest stores around!

There's a lot of great places in Japan to shop. From big malls to fancy boutiques, and chain stores to quirky individually owned establishments, you won't be short of places to spend your yen at. One of my favorite places to stop into, which is a bit of a one-stop-shop for a large number of products, is Tokyu Hands. Seriously - they stock a bit of everything here, and it's all functional, cute, or both.
It's quite likely that if you're in a major tourist spot then you'll have a Tokyu Hands not too far at all from where you're staying - for example in Tokyo there's a store connected to Tokyo Station, as well as locations in Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ginza, and Ikebukuro. So without further ado if you've got a minute, let me take you on a  tour of some of the things you can see at one of their stores!
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Games and Toys (for the young and young at heart!)

This was here as soon as you walked into the store - way to attract the kids! They had all manner of fun games and toys here, which would be great for souvenirs for the kids in your life if you need to pick up something for them. Or maybe you want to play Jenga with your travel buddy - if so, go right ahead and pick up a set!

Stickers and Decals

Want something to decorate your rear window on your car with? These make fun souvenirs and best of all they take up next to no space and weigh next to nothing - so you don't need to worry about going over your luggage limits!

Truly - look how cute these are!

There are some that are adorable, some that are quirky, a few that are weird...but they are certainly eye catching if nothing else!

Super cute cards for all occasions!

I still love sending real mail. Sure, you can wish someone a Happy Birthday on Facebook and all, but I think it feels so much more special when you get a fun, handwritten card in the mail that someone has taken the time to send you!

I thought that card that says "You Light Up My Life" with a picture of a lighthouse on it was all kinds of adorable. Who wouldn't love getting something like that?!

And nothing says Happy Birthday like an Anpanman Card!

I still think an Anpanman card is totally appropriate no matter a person's age. He just looks so cheerful!

Rubber stamps with cute sayings and characters on them!

Going back to my love of handwritten letters and mail, I like having rubber stamps to put on envelopes to make them look a bit more unique and exciting. Also, I think every boss out there should get one of those Snoopy "Good Job!" stamps. How much better would turning in that important report to your manager be, if you knew you'd get a fun stamp on it?...well, it's nice to dream, right?

Travel supplies!

I've had to buy an extra suitcase on travels before to cram all the stuff I wanted to bring home with me...if you're in that kind of predicament then you might want to head here and grab one too. They have loads of great functional travel bags and backpacks too.

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I love the idea of these pouches to help make packing your suitcase a whole lot more organized. I'm a big fan of having everything separated and compartmentalized neatly!
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More travel pouches, the ones with the sliding zipper would be perfect for small travel sized toiletries or cosmetics.
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How's this for clever travel packaging?

At first I wondered what was in these jar shaped packages...then I looked more closely at the signage near to them.

Multiple drawstring travel pouches!

These would be perfect for things like separating your clothes that need to be washed from your clean stuff in your suitcase or backpack. 

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Loved the idea of these, too. Large bags that fold down to be super compact. They have such a great range of travel solutions at Tokyu Hands that I feel like there's something to solve just about any tough travel situation you get yourself into.
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Awesome phone cases

My husband is ALL about Marvel Comics, so these would be right up his alley. There are lots of cute phone accessories for sale here at Tokyu Hands. Moomin is also really popular here in Japan (there's a whole Moomin Park not far from where I live, for instance) so it was cool seeing those phone cases too.

Classy looking Bento Boxes

Sometimes it can be hard finding a bento box that feels adult enough...don't get me wrong, I adore all the kawaii stuff Japan has to offer, but now and then I want to have a lunch box without a character on it. These have such elegant looking designs - I loved them! I think I might go back and get the black one for my husband's work lunches!

You can totally still go for an angry onigiri holder, though...

Because we can't be serious and grown up all the time, am I right? That eyebrow game = on point.

Thermos flasks

Japan is big on these thermos flasks. They're super functional when you're on the go, keeping your beverage of choice either hot or cold. They have them in loads of great designs here too - if you're in the market for something like that, it's worthwhile checking them out while you're in Japan.

An entire section devoted to beauty products

Japan has lots of wonderful beauty products - from cleansers and moisturizers, to face masks, and actual make up (BB creams, foundations, eyeshadows and so forth) you have lots of great brands that don't break the bank. Tokyu Hands had a comprehensive range of stuff - so that you could pamper yourself or perhaps pick up some goodies for loved ones that would get a kick out of some cool Japanese products!

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If you want to check out where a Tokyu Hands store is nearby to where you're staying in Japan, check out their website here - it's in English and super easy to navigate! It also tells you which stores are tax free ones (so bring your passport and you won't have to pay the 8% sales tax on purchases - score!)

Happy Shopping, and enjoy Japan!

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