Oishii! Kaitenzushi in Kyoto

Walking around Kyoto Station or the Sanjo/Kawaramachi shopping district make you hungry? Look no further than Musashi Sushi. With branches just a few minutes walk away from Sanjo station as well as inside Kyoto Station itself, Musashi Sushi is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant known for its budget-friendly and yummy kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi). 
Musashi offers a wide variety of sushi (more than 50 kinds in fact) at a price that will leave your wallet happy—each standard plate of sushi costs ¥146, and the special plates (ie. otoro) cost ¥346.
Color codes make picking the ideal plate easy
Their sushi menu, which is written in Japanese, English, and romanized Japanese, and complete with pictures, makes it easy for you to see what the store has to offer, and to order fresh pair of sushi from the chefs. Ordering is easy—you can choose to either pluck a plate right off the conveyor belt snaking around the restaurant (with plates color-coded to indicate their price and whether the sushi contains wasabi or not), or directly order from the sushi chefs right in front of you. As these stores are located in very tourist-heavy areas, they are accustomed to orders made in English.
A small selection of what you can find at Musashi Sushi
If you get thirsty, you can make some hot green tea by spooning some matcha powder from the wooden boxes found at every seat (in the picture above, it is located between the chopsticks and wet napkin holders) into the provided teacup and adding hot water (in the picture above, the faucet can be seen in the upper right-hand corner). This tea is on the house, so drink up!
If looking for the Sanjo branch, keep an eye out for the display found in the picture below; if in Kyoto Station, head for the shinkansen exit.
Sanjo branch window display

-       This restaurant has some unique sushi combinations, such as squid with okra, so make sure to give them a try!
-       All that eating make you full? Walk some of it off by strolling along the riverbank of the nearby Kamigamo river—it’s just one minute away in the direction of Sanjo station, or by browsing the many shops found in Kyoto Station. 

Eri Lin