Unique things in Japan

Japan has many things that are kind of unique, so you will not find that everywhere else.
After some months of living here, those are 5 things which I have only seen in Japan:
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1) Extrem-Otaku
Of course there are also Otaku (nerds) in other countries but in Japan, it is a whole new level of nerd.
People are spending hours in Pachinko centers, where you can play a game that decides by luck if you win or not.
They are playing arcarde games in game centers with all their passion, buy otaku-stuff in stores which are made for hobbies of every kind.
I often see business guys in their 50s standing in front of an Anime Gashapon, trying to get their favorite Anime character.
It seems crazy at first, but after a while it makes sense. Japanese people work a lot!
So having fun by doing all those things in their freetime can really make them think about other things than work.
In this video, you can see some dance-game-otakus:
[VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJaQeCeIQ5k">

2) Workers coming home in late night
Sometimes I am going out to eat dinner in the late evening on weekdays.
And on the way home, I can see so many people in train and bus who return from work at like 9 pm or even later.
Back in Austria the main time of people going home from work is about 5 pm but in Japan most of workers can't go home so early...
And this leads to the next point:
3) People sleeping everywhere
I am pretty sure that happens because those workers that I mentioned before can't get enough sleep.
Just imagine a business guy coming home from work at 9 or 10pm, maybe eating something, taking his daily bath and then it is already midnight soon.
Because of this "overworking" you can see men and women sleeping everywhere.
In train, bus, in shopping malls,...
Also in every position (lying, sitting, standing, leaning) and no matter which time or day (weekdays, weekend, morning, noon, afternoon,...).
But somehow when they sleep in the train, they always know when they have to get off.
4) Japanese food
When visiting Japan, you will find stuff in food that you may have never seen before.
There are vegetables and fruits, fish, and other things that were completely new to me.
Some of them taste delicious (like the food in Japan generally does) but some is more "special".
For instance Natto (fermented soy beans) is something that usually only Japanese people like. Some foreigners can eat it too.
A well tasting japanese fruit is the Kaki fruit:
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5) Highest level politeness
The politeness in Japan can't be beaten.
Japanese people are of course one of the most polite (or even most polite) people in the world.
But also the culture and society in general.
Every worker at the supermarket is thanking you after paying with a bow, you will always here a "welcome" and "thank you" in restaurants, followed with bowing.
You can see signs in parking areas at shopping malls saying "arigatou gozaimashita" (thank you for coming here).
And even the ATM, the machine thanks you for using it.
It is just a endless game of thanking each other and being as polite as possible in public.
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