Super Comic City! Your one stop summer comic central in Tokyo!

There are many comic conventions that happen in Japan over the span of a year, and many of them happen during the summer! Despite the heat and humidity, otakus all over Japan pack up their bags and make the trek to their anime convention destination. 

Anddddd, you can too! 

This year in May, I went to Super Comic City during one of Japan’s biggest holiday weekends, Golden Week. So, if your trip is around early May and/or during Golden Week, you’re in luck! You can have the chance to attend Super Comic City! 

Note: Super Comic City is a convention aimed towards anime/manga/game lovers, though I noticed that most of the people that attended were girls! There were also guys, but a lot of girls. A lot of the booth/table participants were female and a good amount of products are tailored to a female audience, but guys, don’t let that stop you attending!

What exactly is Super Comic City?

Super Comic City is a convention that features various popular anime, manga, doujinshi (original fanmade comics), and game series! You can find merchandise for everything from older shows (like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) to newer ones (like Attack on Titan and Yuri On Ice!!).  

The convention is held at Tokyo Big Sight, also known as the Tokyo International Exhibition Center, for a span of two days. Both the west and east halls are used, meaning there’s lots to do, see, and buy! Oh, there’s a lot of walking to do and photos to take, so don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes and a camera.
Tokyo Big Sight really is BIG.

How do I get a ticket? 

Getting a ticket to Super Comic City is surprisingly easy! All you need to do is go to the venue (Tokyo Big Sight) on the day of and purchase a “pamphlet” (which counts as a ticket) at the entrance of either the east or west halls. 

The pamphlet is basically a catalogue for the entire convention, containing maps, table charts, and which/where merchandise is available. It also contains rules/guidelines that you should follow when entering the convention. For example, when and where you can take pictures, etc. You are also asked to show the pamphlet to staff when entering or exiting certain halls.

IF you are in Japan beforehand (about 2 weeks before Golden Week), you could also buy the pamphlet in advance at almost any [anime/manga] bookstore! One of the most popular places to go for a pamphlet is Animate as well as K-books. However, these sell out fast! However, getting it on the day of the event is actually a little cheaper. If you want to absolutely be sure that you can get a pamphlet, be ready to head out to your nearest Animate/K-books/bookstore to get it on the day sales start!
The pamphlets I got for Day 1 & 2. I got the 1st pamphlet from a bookstore and the 2nd pamphlet at the venue (Tokyo Big Sight).

How do I get there?

All you have to do is take the Saikyo Line bound for Shin Kiba, and get off at Kokusai Tenjijo station. From Shinjuku station, it’s about a 30 minute train ride to the Kokusai Tenjijo and a 7-10 minute walk to the venue. 
From Shinjuku, the stops should look like this: 
Shinjuku > Shibuya > Ebisu > Osaki > Oimachi > Shinagawa Seaside > Tennozu Isle > Tokyo Teleport > Kokusai-Tenjijo

How much is it?

The ticket prices are different for both days. This year, Day 1 was 1500 yen and Day 2 was 1800 Yen. The prices may or may not change the next year. 

What to bring: 

  • Your pamphlet (if pre-bought, DO NOT FORGET IT. You will have to buy another one at the entrance if you do! )

  • Money (Don't forget your wallet either~!)

  • A bag to carry your goodies!
    • There is surprisingly a lot of CHEAP merchandise here! Doujinshis can range from 200 – 1000 yen, and only a little bit higher. If you plan on buying a bunch of merchandise, I recommend bringing a small luggage bag (the standard size carry-on bag)! I saw a majority of people doing this when I attended, and it was really smart of them (seeing as some of them bought pounds and pounds of doujins!)

  • Water / comfortable shoes 

  • Camera
    • There’s a huge cosplay hall where there are cosplayers everywhere in literally almost every anime/manga/game that is featured in the convention for that day. They dressed up to have fun and take a bunch of photos, so don’t be shy to ask! If you can’t speak Japanese, you can always show your phone/camera or do a photo-taking gesture.
    • Many of the cosplayers also have twitter accounts, so you can see their cosplayer activities from there too! Most of the time, they’ll be glad to give you their card with their twitter account names on it.

And there you have it (in 15 minutes or less)!
There’s also another convention called Comic City that’s like a sister convention of Super Comic City which happens in January and June. If your trip isn’t in May, you can always catch one of these other ones that are also held in Tokyo.
For more info, the official site is here:

Calling all otakus! Next stop, Super Comic City, Tokyo, Japan!

Angie Rin