Tips for Budget Traveller to Tokyo

You want to travel to Japan but scared it's gonna be expensive? Don't worry! There are few tips which make your travel to Japan better and more cheaper. Here are a few: 

1. Tokyo Subway Ticket 

Tokyo Subway Ticket is one of the best way to explore Tokyo with a minimum spent on transportation. This pass allows you to have unlimited travel around Tokyo for one/two or three consecutive days on Tokyo Metro and Toei lines.  The cost (adult/child) for one/two and three days ticket is ¥800/¥400 , ¥1200/¥600 and ¥1500/¥750 respectively. If you plan to travel a lot then this pass is right for you as it saves you a lot of money each time you ride on the trains. But be carefully, this pass only works on Tokyo Subway Lines and it CANNOT be used on JR lines. However, you can get to almost every touristy places with the Tokyo Subway Ticket. This ticket is only sold to overseas visitors visiting Japan on tourist visa and you need to present your passport when purchasing this pass. 
You can purchase this ticket at Haneda Airport (International Terminal Visitor Information Center)and Narita Airport (Passenger Terminal 1 and 2) after landing in Tokyo. 
NOTE: But remember to calculate you transportation costs first and then compare the differences to see which option is best for you. 

2. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building 

Want to take a nice photo of Tokyo at higher view or go up to an observatory deck but it's too expensive? Don't worry! Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building has an observatory deck on the 45th floor and it is open to public! Which means you can go up to enjoy the view of Tokyo for a free of charge.
view from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

view from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
3. Places to stay

Personally, i recommend AIRBNB. AIRBNB has lots of nice apartments/shared rooms at an affordable price. Plus, at mostly all AIRBNB apartments provide pocket wifi which you can bring out with you and use it. Which I think is great because it can save you some money on purchasing sim card or pocket wifi and also you don't need to rely on public wifi anymore (which might not work all the time and only available at some places). 
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Alternatively, you can also find a very good hotel place at a cheap price at <>. I've booked a pretty good hotel before at a very cheap price with hotelscombined and it was absolutely amazing. So, if you want to stay at a good hotel or hostel then I really recommend hotelscombined as it gives a price comparison from all websites as well as giving you the best deal possible. It also has a price alert button which it will notifies you when the price of your chosen hotel has dropped to more than 10%. 

4. Places to eat

There are many cheap places to eat in Tokyo which can save you a lot of money. One of these places is Saizeriya(サイゼリヤ).
Saizeriya is an Italian restaurant and it's located in almost all touristy places like Shibuya, Ikebukuro and Shinjuku. You can order the food for a price as low as ¥300 and the quality is pretty good. 
Other cheap restaurants are Gasuto, Sukiya, Matsuya, Tendon Tenya, Fuji Soba, Genki Sushi and so on. 

5. Where to shop for cheap price 

There are many places in Tokyo where you can actually buy good quality stuff for a cheap price. These include Takeshita-Dori in Harajuku, Don Quijote, Shibuya, Bic Camera, DAISO and etc.
If you want to buy cheap clothes then definitely try Shibuya and Takeshita-Dori. Also Gotemba Premium Outlet is worth a try as well if you really love shopping. 
Bic Camera is cheap for electronic goods and Don Quijote has almost everything you need for an affordable price.