Ishikawa Access Guide

Ishikawa is best for those who don’t have enough time or money to go from Tokyo to Kyoto, but still want to experience a traditional Japanese atmosphere. As with most major stations, you can get to Kanazawa Station by most travel means, including bus, train, and air. From Kanazawa Station, most of Ishikawa is a train ride or two away, allowing for quick travel within and around the prefecture.
A bullet train (Shinkansen) from most major stations on Honshu will take less than 2 and a half hours to get to Kanazawa. From Tokyo, take the Hokuriku Shinkansen to Kanazawa. Most bullet trains will cost around 100 dollars for a one-way trip to Kanazawa. They may also go through other major stops along the way, allowing for possibilities of itinerary customization.
Highway busses are a good alternative to get to Ishikawa prefecture, though it takes around 8 hours one way. It will cost about 40 dollars (or 5,000 yen) to get to Kanazawa, and has a wide variety of options including midnight busses, and most major stations will have a line going to Kanazawa Station.
The main airport in Ishikawa prefecture is Komatsu airport. If you want the best options, it is recommended that you fly in from Haneda airport in Tokyo, due to the fact that there are a total of 12 flights per day, compared to others which have 1 or 2. They are fast, but slightly more expensive than Shinkansen, so it may be worth taking the bullet train unless you have found a good deal.

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