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Mochi Ice Cream: slighty chewy and sweet taste of whatever flavor ice cream that it comes with inside, 
they have all sorts of flavor of ice cream inside: strawberry, chocolate, litchi, green tea, raspberry, etc 
You can buy those at a grocery store in Japan. 
This is a Great way cool yourself down with a cool treat, and it can be eaten all season long, it doesn't have to be a summer thing. 
I personally love Mochi ice cream it has this light chewy creamy ice cream taste, has a unique texture soft on the outside and creamy ice cream on the inside. 
A delightful treat for anyone for all ages. 
Perfect to go with friends and eat some mochi ice cream at a park, or even in the city and watch the city landscape views and relax a bit/ you can eat it on a date with a boyfriend, girlfriend/ significant other, family, uncle, aunt, cousins, brother, sister, nephew, niece, 
neighbor, colleague from school, co-worker, etc. 
Great way to connect to someone. 
Mochi doesn't have to be a quick thing you eat, but it can be sweet and luxurious, something romantic you can give someone. 
Take a picture of this wonderful Japanese delight. 
Enjoy the assortment of flavors of mochi ice cream. 
You can also add it to your normal scoops of ice cream you have bought at the grocery store and put into a bowl, 
there is more than one way to eat mochi ice cream. 
Make a banana split, and drizzle chocolate syrup/ homemade fruit syrup and drizzle it over the mochi ice cream  you placed in the center. 
Third idea: you can also put vanilla ice cream  in a bowl place you mochi ice cream on top and top it off with a bunch of fruit, 
then just eat the vanilla mochi ice cream fruit bowl and you have a whole new combination of eating mochi ice cream in a much 
more creative way. 

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