Tako (octopus) Yaki (Fried)
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Tako Yaki is a very common street food. 
Is a type of Japanese snack find commonly in Japan. 
It's something you must try this nice savoury snack, that is filled with pickled ginger, tempura bits, and green onions. 
On top the cook/chef tops it off with a type of teriyaki like dressing, and negi (green onions). 
It's a tasty snack and it's worth trying out when you come to Japan to have a food tasting experience of culture at your finger tips, 
Sometimes they put cheese on top, and other toppings as well, and that would depend on the restaurant/street vendor you went to that serves you Tako yaki. 
This food can be eaten with anyone: friend, colleague, family, aunt, uncle, sister, brother, cousin, nephew, niece, associates/ business partners, clients. 
Or if you want to bring it home to eat you can add some cheese, add some bacon  and place it on top of your fries, with 
some gravy on top and then you have a Takoyaki poutine: fusion of Asian western snack food. 
Second idea is you can add it to spaghetti add teriyaki sauce, stir fry celery, and crème cheese their you will have Italian fusion of Japanese dish,  instead of meat balls you got takoyaki  drizzled with a savoury sauce, and sprinkle onions, green onions, and some 
pickled ginger. 
Third  thing you can do with the Takoyaki is make some fried eggs that the centre is soft and delicate, so that you can puncture the inside of it with your fork, let the creaminess of the egg glaze over your Takoyaki adding extra  depth to your egg dish, which 
you can have for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 
What else can you do with Takoyaki: make a cheese fondue, have cheese in a pot at a low temperature, so that the cheese won't 
burn and melt and then you can now dip your Takoyaki in that cheese fondue and eat. 
Tako yaki is one my favorite snack foods.
I love the savoury taste and the unique combination of pickled ginger, and green 

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