5 things to do in Osaka

Osaka is one of the most popular places in Japan, as well as the second biggest city in this country.
When you go there, those are 5 things you can do in Osaka:
1) Umeda sky building
This building is located in Umeda which is a district of Osaka.
There is one of the main stations, so you can reach this place easily by public transport (subway, train).
After a little bit of walking around Umeda you will find the Umeda sky building.
It has a very unique look and because it is pretty high (173m) you can get a nice few over Osaka.
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When you look down from the observation deck, you realize how big Osaka really is!
Unfortunately the price is 1000 Yen for an adult so it is a little pricy but definately worth it.
There is also a little cafe directly beside the windows so you can enjoy the view while eating a cake.

2) Dotonbori

Dotonbori is definately one of my favorite places in Osaka and I can go there always without getting bored.
It is basically the place where you will find the most tourists of this city.
There are shopping streets, restaurants, high buildings and of course the famous "Glica" guy.
If you dont know what that is: Glica is a japanese company that makes various sweets and it is well known in Japan.
However, japanese people are crazy for taking a picture in front of the huge logo.
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I recommend Dotonbori to everyone who is not afraid of big groups of people and likes to get completely overwhelmed with the atmosphere.

3) Osaka jó / Osaka castle
The castle of Osaka is easy to reach by train.
It is kind of the opposite of the Osaka that we can see in Dotonbori or Namba.
Instead of restaurants, shops, noise and stuff everywhere, there is a big park with a really beautiful castle (and some other buildings).
Although the prizes there are not so low (for entrance, suvenirs etc.) it is something you will definately enjoy!
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The Osaka castle represents the typical japanese castle-style.
By the way, I also recommend going to the top of the castle to enjoy a nice view!
Just take care of your head while going upstairs (as a tall person, I hit my head pretty hard).

4) Eat Kushikatsu

Kushikatsu is one of the main dishes in Osaka.
It is basically meat, vegetables, squid, or other things like cheese and sausages but all deep fried.
You eat it together with cabbage and a delicious souce.
At first you order every piece that you want and then dip it into the sauce before you eat it.
But take care! Dip each one of your ordered pieces only once into the sauce, before you take the first bit.
The sauce at the table will not be changed so it is the same sauce as the quest before you had.
So it is a little disgusting to dip your Kushikatsu into the sauce after you took a bite because the next person will use the same sauce.

KushikatsuDaruma01.jpg 269.14 KB

And yes, it is as delicious as it looks!

5) Play arcarde games
Osaka has many game centers to offer.
Especially in the districts Dotonbori and Namba.
Besides "Pachinko" (which I don't recommend playing) there are many different entertaining arcarde games.
My favorite is the drumming game, where you basically have to hit a drum in the rythm which the game tells you.
You can play it alone or together with one other person:
IMG_20160209_162001769.jpg 3.61 MB

But whatever you do in the game centers, take care of your money because some of those games or the arcarde cranes make you addicted easily!

I hope this article helps you a little bit by planning your trip to Osaka.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

Rob W