Strawberries for all you can eat within ( 30 Minutes)

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Strawberries for all you can eat within 30 Minutes

Think you can finish off some freshly picked strawberries in 30 mins?
Well then pick fast, and chew well.
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Nothing like fresh strawberries fresh off the vine.
Who doesn't like strawberries? their a popular berry, they are used in cakes, desserts all around the world.
And they are also used in chocolate, sundaes, banana splits, toppings on cheesecake, cupcake, mochi, milkshakes, smoothies,
in fruit syrups, fruit vinegar dressing for salads, in salads, cereals, granola bars, chocolate fondues, in yogurt, ice cream, fruit bread,
soups, teas, Macarons, cocktails, fruit wraps, cookies, pies, food decoration, donuts, pancakes, dessert sandwiches, jello, fruit
salsa, candy, pickled, and in jams.
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There are so many strawberries growing on the strawberry plant vines.
Different sizes, and shapes.

Rows of strawberries, and watch out for some of the bees flying around.
The strawberries has such a brilliant, bright color, and luscious  sweet taste.
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Where you can pick this at a greenhouse, and the best time to pick them is between the months: Jan-May.

This place also has strawberry and blueberry soba noodles, perfect to mix in a fruit salad with, or fruit dressing drizzled over it,
with a side of salmon marinated in some strawberries and sea salt.

If you love Strawberries then this is a place you must visit, the strawberries is so juicy, because it's so good you won't be able to stop eating them.

The strawberries are so refreshingly tasty one can't help eating more, It's a type of bliss.

You can taste the freshness of the strawberries, and all the positive efforts to grow this is all in the taste.

There was a lot of care, time and attention to grow these strawberries, and you can tell by the taste in the strawberries.
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For more information
check out the website below: 
Hours of Opening: 10am-5pm 
Address: Saitama-ken, Sayama-shi Horigane1262-5 
Telephone: 04-2958-8000 

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