Survive Japan's sizzling summer with these 5 essentials!

Japanese summers can be a shock to the system. This is particularly true if you traveled to Japan to escape your home country’s winter. Even after mentally preparing ourselves, wearing short breezy clothes, and packing as light as possible, my partner and I were still overwhelmed by the warmth the moment we stepped outside. Back home hot days tend to be undercut with a cool breeze, whereas in Japan it feels like you are trapped in a sauna.

It’s tough being a tourist in the heat. You are catching trains after long flights, rushing to see everything, and hauling around suitcases. If you’re are totally unaccustomed to the climate you may struggle a bit at first. Don’t let me scare you off though! With a bit of preparation you can make it through and feel comfortable. Here's my list of five must haves to help you on your summer adventure.

1. Powerful long lasting deodorant.

No spray on here, instead I highly recommend a creamy roll on one like Rexonas clinical protection , or Mitchums. Bring some from home because it is impossible to find in Japan. I tried some of the Japanese roll-ons while I was there and they were horrible. One smelt like you were simply rubbing straight alcohol onto your armpits, yeech! So while you will have to make sure it fits with your airlines regulations, it is definitely worth it.

A true life saver especially when trains can look like this :

2. A dollar store fan.

Head to any Daiso and pick up a pretty paper fan. These make great cheap and cheerful souvenirs as well as being genuinely handy. Having one of these in your bag will help cool you down when you are outdoors away from all of the lovely air con.

Lots of designs are available which is perfect if you are a cheapskate like me and get everyone one.

3. An umbrella.

In Japan you can buy umbrellas that provide shelter from the sun and the rain. They are very common and will have a symbol on the tag showing rain drops and UV rays. This is something that was new to me, but it makes so much sense! I wish this was a thing in New Zealand, I am not brave enough or cool enough to start the trend here.  It did seem to be only women who used sun umbrellas though, if you are a guy it may look a bit strange(?). However, as tourists we probably already look strange so my advice is just do it anyway like my partner did, the shade is worth it!

This ninja knows whats up.

4. A refreshing treat.

Nothing beats cracking open a cold drink on a hot day. Plus you can put the cold can on your forehead like in those coke commercials. Japan makes this super easy with vending machines literally everywhere and anywhere.  I recommend trying to use up your small coins at vending machines as you will end up with so many coins in Japan – although most machines sadly won’t accept 5s or 1s. There is also no law against public drinking in japan and many vending machines have alcoholic beverages too .I accidentally got alcohol at a train platform once in an innocent looking pink can. 

Convenience stores are especially convenient in Japan and can be found everywhere. They have a great range of drinks and icy treats that will help you chill out on your travels. There are also lots of yummy shaved ice and ice cream stalls to try. Sesame seed ice-cream is delicious , definitely try it if you see it around. 

Go big or go home I guess.

5. Wipes

After climbing up the many steps of Tokyo tower I was very grateful I packed some wipes in my handbag. Goodbye sweaty foreheads! Sure it’s not a shower, but in the middle of hiking or walking around these can provide some much needed refreshment. They also have the cutest packaging in Japan so you can feel kawaii when you pull one out of your bag to wipe your puffy red face.

They are also great if you are a massive klutz like me who spills things constantly.

I hope this helps you on stay cool on your trip.  Unlike poor moleman....

Basically me when I got out of the airport 

If you have any other handy tips for keeping cool please let me know in the comments. 

Chloe Hamilton