The three coastal landscapes “Nihon sankei” - Matsushima

The three coastal landscapes “Nihon sankei” are considered to be the most beautiful landscapes in Japan. Those have a scenic view of the sea & countryside. They were often an inspiration for japanese artists and literati. 
Especially since Hayashi Gaho wrote his impressions about the beautiful nature of Japan during his hiking in these regions.
The three beautiful landscapes of Japan are in Matsushima (Miyagi), Amanohashidate (Kyoto) and Miyajima (Hiroshima). I´m introducing here the first beautiful landscape of Japan:
Matsushima (Miyagi)
Close to Sendai City in Miyagi is the small city Matsushima (around 20 minutes by train). Please watch out not to go directly to Matsushima Station otherwise you have to walk around 1 km to the bay. The station Matsushimakaigan is just in front of the bay, also the train runs there more frequency. In front of the Bay of Matsushima are more than 250 small islands covered with pine trees. You can see those islands from some viewpoints from the City or close from a boat. Those islands with their pine trees, offer a remarkable sight.
The most popular places to visit are the so-called Matsushima Shidaikan ("Four Views of Matsushima"). 
First viewpoint:
From the Mount Otakamori at the neighboring island Miyato you have a great view over the bay.  Especially at sunset you have a spectacular view. Especially during the sunset you have a spectacular view. 
Second viewpoint:
Also from the Mountain Toyama at the city center in Matsushima you will have a beautiful view over the coast.
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Third viewpoint: 
The enchanting view can be found in the Ōgidani valley between the cities of Matsushima and Rifu. Surrounded by nature, you can enjoy the view of the bay in the middle of the respective foliage coloring.
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Fourth viewpoint:
South of the city you have the opportunity to have a "magnificent view", where you can look up from the Tanmon Mountain to the lovely bay and can follow the expanses of the sea with your own eyes. Also you have the chance to see the lighthouse of Jizō-jima.
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You can also explore the region on foot. Cross the famous red bridge connecting the city of Matsushima with the island of Fukura. There is a very nice hiking course around the whole island with diffrent viewpoints. Also you can make a stop at one of the sandbeaches  on that small island. But especially in summer it is amazing humit on that island and you will feel like beeing in a tropical jungle.

If you are hungry after the long walking or crusing with a boot, you can check out one of their many seafood restaurants around the costline. Even if you don´t like seefood, they also have many yakitori or BBQ restaurants. 

Kerstin Yamane