Ramen like you've never tasted before: Afuri Ramen

Ichiran Ramen or Ippudo Ramen are usually what comes to mind when people talk about “Ramen Shops in Japan”.  However, today I would like to introduce another one of our favorites in Japan, called “Afuri Ramen”.   The name was inspired from Afuri Mountain, on the east edge of the Tanzawa mountains in Kanagawa prefecture. Afuri ramen uses natural spring water from Mt. Afuri. Other high quality ingredients are all harvested in Japan., creating a healthy and refreshing taste. The exterior design of this shop is classic yet simple, naturally attracting tourists to want to go inside and check it out!
Ebisu Branch

What is so special about AFURI ramen?

Afuri ramen is different from any type ramen you may have had in Japan before. The soup is lighter, refreshing and “yuzu”, or citrus flavored.  It is the completely opposite of your usual greasy tonkotsu ramen. The secret recipe is Chi-yu, meaning "chicken oil", which is the base of this delicious soup.  The two types of soup sold at Afuri is “Tanrei” and “Maroaji”, with “Tanrei” having just the right amount of Chi-yu in its soup, and the “Maroaji” having a slightly less amount of Chi-yu, perfect for those who wish for a more refreshing taste.  Basic toppings in your ramen would be mizuna, seaweed, yuzu silces, marinated soft boiled egg, bamboo shoots, and grilled pork.  For those of you who are vegetarian, you can order the “seasonal vegan ramen”, which is 100% vegetable based with seasonal vegetables!
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Apart from ramen, Afuri also provides Tsukemen, or “dipping ramen”, which comes with thick noodles and cold dipping sauce in separate bowls.  The sauce itself is cold , but you will be able to choose hot or cold noodles.  Cold tsukemen comes with mizuna, grilled pork, eggs, grilled pork and seaweed, and is extremely popular during the summertime. 

Source: Afuri Ramen Official Website (dipping ramen)
Tired of your usual Tonkotsu ramen? Then you definitely have to go to Afuri ramen and try out their Yuzu shio ramen!  As of July, 2017, they currently have 9 branches in Japan, and even one branch in Portland, Oregon.  All branches in Japan are open 7 days a week, so pop by anytime for them to surprise your tastebuds!  Following is one branch that is in center Tokyo and only a 4 minute walk from JR Ebisu station:

1F 117 Bld., 1-1-7 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
11:00am - 5:00am (Open 7 days a week)

For more information on Afuri ramen, click HERE!

Daniel L. Jenwei