Matcha Shaved Ice Cream! The Best Enjoyment In Summer!

Summer is finally here! Need a refreshing frozen dessert to beat the summer heat?   “Shimokita Chaen” is exactly the place for you!  Located in Tokyo Shimokitazawa, this historical matcha shaved ice cream store has made headlines on several international newspapers, with the two most famous dishes being the “Matcha Shaved Ice Cream”, and “Matcha Zenzai”.  This shop not only attracts tourists, but also Japanese locals as well, and you will almost always see a long line of customers lining up outside for a taste of this heavenly dessert. 
Opening hours are from 2pm to 6pm, however you’ll see a long line of people from as early as 1pm to wait for their numbered tickets.  After you get your ticket, you can shop around Shimokitazawa to kill some time.  Check out all the hipster clothes shops, petit coffee shops, and many other unique store; some people say that this shop is like a mini version of Harajuku!

This is the legendary “matcha shaved ice cream”!  The taste of the matcha is strong and not overly sweet, while the shaved ice is literally all covered by creamy, milky matcha goodness.  I got addicted with just one spoon, and couldn’t stop myself from taking one bite after another.  This is definitely one of my favorite things about summer!  You’ll be able to choose different flavors of dressing such as the classic Matcha or Houjicha, brown sugar syrup, or condensed milk.  The price for “matcha shaved ice cream” is JPY 1,150, and an extra dressing costs an extra 100 yen.
Apart from the “matcha shaved ice cream”, another must-try here at Shimokita Chaen is the “Matcha Zenzai”.  This is a sweet red bean soup with two baked mochis on top, and it comes with matcha dressing, along with some plum flavored kelp.  At 900 yen, it was pricier than I thought, but definitely worth a try!
Transportation is not a problem if you want to come to Shimokita Chaen.  Take the Keio Line or Odakyu Line to Shimokitazawa Station, and the store is a mere 4 minute walk away!  First floor of the store sells souvenirs such as matcha and green tea that you can bring home, while the second floor is the dining area, so make sure to make your way up there in order to get your numbered ticket for your desserts! 

For those of you who are coming to Tokyo or are already in Tokyo, definitely put the amazing “Shimokita Chaen” into your schedule! See following for more information on the shop, and make sure you check their calendar before you go since they’re not open every day.  

Adress: Japan, 〒155-0031 Tokyo-to, Setagaya-ku, Kitazawa, 2 Chome−30−2
Phone: 03-3466-5588
Minimum Order: one meal
Opening Hours: 2pm~6pm (Closed on Mondays)
(Please click here to check out their calendar)

Daniel L. Jenwei