Wonderful Watermelon - getting a taste of summer across Japan!

When it comes to foods that beat the summer heat, one of my favorites is watermelon. Perfectly juicy and delicious, it's one of those things that immediately seems to cool you down. Japan is on the bandwagon too, with a range of super tasty watermelon flavored goodies that you can grab at this time of year. Best of all, you can find them all over - from convenience stores to supermarkets, and even bakeries.

Here's some of the places to check out if you are all about watermelon when it's hot out - they'll give you a taste of summer (and more often than not, provide a pretty sweet picture in the process).

Dominique Ansel Bakery

Omotesando & Ginza, Tokyo

Dominique Ansel Bakery is probably the fanciest bakery you'll go to in your life - with locations in the upscale suburbs of Omotesando and Ginza you already know you're in good hands and that their menu is going to be legit. Also, Dominique Ansel was the inventor of the cronut. Yes, the cronut has an inventor! 

Right now, they have a couple of special summer items on their menu - the Omotesando store is offering their "what-a-melon" ice cream sandwich, which is literally a piece of fresh watermelon hollowed out and filled with watermelon soft serve. Talk about double the watermelon deliciousness! The black seeds on the slice of watermelon are made of chocolate - as if this dessert couldn't get any better, they go and ramp it up even more.

The Ginza store has a Square Watermelon Raspberry Pistachio Mousse Cake - sure, the taste of that one might be more raspberry than melon, but it looks just like those fancy expensive square melons you can buy in stores here.

You can check out the Dominique Ansel website here which has their other menu items on there too (be warned: don't look at the site if you're trying to eat healthy!)

All the luxe in cake form. via https://www.instagram.com/p/BT3ZePVlpNt


Starbucks Japan are always bringing out something to coincide with the seasons - they have items like sakura frappucinos in the springtime, and chestnut ones in the fall. For summer this year, they have a fruity tea offering, instead of a heavy, creamy drink. This one is the shaken watermelon passion tea - just looking at it feels refreshing! The tall sized tea will set you back 430 yen plus tax.

To find a Starbucks Japan store location, head over to the link here

Convenience stores

There are convenience stores all across Japan, selling a plethora of different ice creams, popsicles, parfaits and more. When it comes to convenience store offerings though, there's one watermelon treat you can find year round in the freezer cabinets. It's called スイカバ or Suika Bar, and it's even feline approved. As well as the regular variety, there's also a chocolate dipped kind!

NOM. Two paws up. via https://www.instagram.com/p/BUnrpn_jrqf
There's also a chocolate covered version! via https://www.instagram.com/p/BJoeNoThXha

There are also the Suika Gari Gari popsicles - the standard variety of the Gari Gari Popsicles are the blue wrapper soda flavor ones - but the watermelon summery variety are even better in my opinion!

Mini Stop Convenience Stores

To welcome in summer, Mini Stop convenience stores across Japan are offering a Watermelon Halo Halo, which consists of soft serve ice cream, watermelon jelly, and chocolate chips. Looks delicious - and as always, 10 out of 10 for presentation! One of these will set you back 320 yen.


If you're just craving the real deal when it comes to watermelon and money isn't an object on your trip, you could always go and buy something truly quirky - a square watermelon! They often have them at supermarkets with other gifting fruit (it's common to give pristine fruit as a gift here in Japan) or the basement floor of department stores - they're a haven for all kinds of gourmet foods. I don't know how much better these taste over a regular melon,  but for that kind of money I would need it to be the best I'd ever had!

These are just a few ways you can indulge your craving for watermelon inspired treats at this time of the year. You're likely to find a whole host of other fruit inspired options too - keep your eyes peeled when you're traveling around!

Stay cool, and happy eating!

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