Totoro Cream Puffs-Cuteness Overload at Shimokitazawa, Tokyo!

Most of you have probably had so many different types of cream puffs that you can't even keep track, but have you ever tried the Totoro cream puff? This store is located in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, and it's called ''Shirohige's Cream Puff Shop'', which is actually managed byMiyazaki Hayao's sister in law!   It's also the ONLY store in the world that sells these adorable Totoro cream puffs!

The nearest station is technically ''Setagaya-Daita Station'', but I suggest you go from ''Shimokitazawa station'' and walk through Shimokitazawa, a hipster neighborhood with thrift shops, petit coffee shops, and many other unique stores!  Some people even say that this area is like a mini version of Harajuku. 
Store Sign

Business hours of the Shirohige's Cream Puff Shop is 10:30~19:00, however you'll see customers waiting outside the store from as early as 10:00.  The interior design of this shop is very "Miyazaki Hayao", and kind of reminds me of one of his famous animations-''Howl's Moving Castle". The first floor of this store sells not only Totoro cream puffs, but also cute souvenirs such as cookies and gift boxes; second floor is the dining area, where you can sit down, chill, and enjoy your dessert.  There aren't many seats available, so you could choose to make a reservation beforehand.  The staff here speaks English, so no need to worry about the language barrier! 
Exterior Design
First Floor
Take out area

Shirohige's Cream Puff  has 8 flavors, and additional limited edition flavors for every season.  Following is a flavor schedule I found on their official website

Original: Jan~Dec
Chocolate: Jan~Dec
Strawberry: Jan~Jun
Peach: July~Sep
Marron: Oct~Dec
Caramel banana: Jan~April
Matcha: May~Aug
Raspberry Cream Cheese: Sep~Dec
Flavor Schedule

For the sake of a good photo, I ordered 4 flavors: chocolate, strawberry, caramel banana, and matcha.  Wondering how to distinguish each flavor?  Just take a look at the little accessory that your Totoro is wearing!  The yellow hat indicates banana flavor, green is for matcha, pink is strawberry, and the blue is for chocolate!  Price differs for each flavor, but the price range is between 400 yen ~ 450 yen. 
Totoro Cream Puffs

These cream puffs were so cute that I didn't even know where to start to eat it, but I split it down in half :p
I could smell the rich creamy scent once I cut it open, but the taste was not overly sweet, perfect when paired with a cup of tea.  The cream puff looks hard, but it's actually crispy and easy to eat.  You can't really tell the size from the pictures, but these are surprisingly big, at least bigger than most cream puffs that you usually come across.  I would have to give them a 9 out of 10 for it's taste, price, and adorable appearance!
Totoro Cream Puffs

Apart from cream puffs, they also provide other desserts and even entree dishes.  I heard that their pasta is also very popular, and reasonably priced! 

For those of you who are coming to Tokyo or are already in Tokyo, definitely put the amazing “Shirohige's cream puff shop” into your schedule!  This place is perfect for couples, friends or family alike.  Following are more details on this shop, make sure you don't go on a holiday!

Shirohige's cream puff shop
Address: 〒155-0033 Tōkyō-to, Setagaya-ku, Daita, 5 Chome−3−1
Open hour:10:30~19:00
For their official website, click here

Daniel L. Jenwei