What Awesome Sailor moon merchandise you should buy in Japan

Sailor Moon's awesome unending list of merchandise, As a fan you want everything but it seriously hurts the wallet, here is a list of Sailor Moon Merch i think are totally worth it to satisfy your fandom need (note there a too much i want to write about but i will only introduce my favorite recommends ).

I Recommend if your in Japan you should purchase Sailor Moon items in Japan, save those shipping cost $$$$ to buy even more Sailor Moon things (whoop whoop).

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  • Tuxedo Mirage Memorial Ornament Music Box 
Any Fans of Sailor Moon would remember "Sailor Moon S Ending, Where you see this music box showing throughout the ending.
Its a very cute, lovely  and small Music box, out of all the music boxes (sailor moon old release), i think this one looks nice and luxury.  

  1. Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion figure (rotates when music is playing)  
  2. Change-able  panels 3 Sets, (Castle, Sailor moon & senshis , Close up version).
  3. Light does a cool little Moon effect 
  4. Sound and Music change (at bottom)
  5. Proplica By Figurarts Zero Chouette 
  6. Batteries required 
  7. Cost 9,180 YEN
  8. Looks cute 
  9. More mature looking than old releasedd music boxs 
  10. A Sailor Moon Dream Item.

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  • Samantha Vega X Sailor Moon Serenity Edition   (other items are not included expect for shopping bag)

From the latest Collaboration with Samantha Vega , i also brought the before release blue Sailor Moon edition Backpack.
This new leather Backpack is really a  beautiful white and look elegant, gives a  really mature look and perfect for any day maybe ,
 i have to say white does get dirty quickly so be careful!!
There are other Isetan Collaborations which you should consider as well.

  1. Princess Serenity Style Backpack,
  2.  Show your fandom , more fashionably.    
  3. Samantha Vega Collaboration
  4. Great quality, made out of synthetic leather
  5. Bag Design is like the dress Serenity wears 
  6. Inside lining features the Moon Castle and Luna.
  7. 25,000 yen 
  8. Buy at Samantha Thavasa Stores/ISETAN Stores

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  • Pricess Serenity Figuarts Zero Couette (bracelet is not included)
A super pretty figure that looks amazing!!!!!, This is a essential add to your sailor moon  figure collection.
  • Detailed
  • Great Quality
  • Beautiful, Elegant 
  • A Must Have for collection 
  • Figure includes  named stand and moon 
  • Packaging looks cute 
  • 6,480 yen
  • Dress looks beautiful  

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  • Chibiusa & Helios 
Seen from when Chibiusa meets helios in the dream, this lovely figure is a must add, it looks so beautiful even when placed anywhere.

  • Figuarts Zero Couette edition
  • Beautiful and detailed 
  • Great Quality
  • Stand and Gems included 
  • looks like a dream 
  • Elegant and cute   

IMG_8393.JPG 1.12 MB
  • Usagi X Sweeties Figure (rhinestones not included)

A really Kawaii figure featuring Usagi dress in Crown Fruits Parlor waitress outfit(in the series where the girls eat sweets) sitting in a parfait cup with cream and fruit. 
As known by fans Usagi has quite the sweet tooth , this figure is perfect , showing the real Usagi.

  1. pastel colours adds a cuteness to your room 
  2. Nice quality
  3. A nice change from the basic transform/school form outfit figures
  4. Get it at KIDDYLAND 
  5. 5900 yen
  6. Cute packaging
  7. Includes cup, fruit cream and moon shaped spoon ( i lost it some where)    

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  • Sailor Moon X Samatha Vega Wallet

An early released (from the serenity backpack) wallet from Isetan Collaboration with Samantha Vega.
This is my favorite wallet i haven't changed my wallet since i got this, its nice and simple and shows my love for sailor moon.

  1. Show your love of the sailor moon series fashionably 
  2.   Transform brooch ribbon design on it , like sailor moons outfit 
  3. Great quality , worth it 
  4. inside printed with sailor senshi planet symbols
  5. Cute design 
  6. Long wallet style
  7. Buy from ISETAN or selected Samantha stores 

IMG_8507.JPG 1.06 MB
  • Minature Tablet Wands 

  1. looks cute in bag 
  2. usable for holding small mints or just for decoration in collection
  3. Different Designs 
  4. Small, can take anywhere 
  5.  Buy From Kiddyland or Beauty Character Store (Tokyo Station)
  6. Buy a whole box or separately 

Julia Lai