Best Yakiniku Place in Japan: Matsusakagyu Yakiniku M!

This is probably the most expensive restaurant that I have ever been to. Matsusakagyu Yakiniku M is a famous restaurant in Japan that serves high quality beef. It is so expensive that a set meal costs about 13,800JPY. 13,800. The souvenirs that I bought for my family costs even cheaper than that! However, I have to say the food there was delicious! When I was in Osaka, my cousins and I went to eat at this restaurant. This was one of the reasons why we left Shinsekai earlier, as I mentioned before in my previous article. My cousin and his wife have been to this restaurant before with their friends, and during our trip together, he made sure that we ate there so that my cousin (Pia) and I could experience eating there. So according to my cousin, Matsusakagyu Yakiniku is so famous that he had to make a reservation weeks before we flew to Osaka because it was so hard to get a table if we were to just walk-in. My cousin also got to talk to the owner of the restaurant (I forgot his name I'm so sorry huhu) and told us that he would be meeting us at the branch that we would be eating at, which was the Dotonbori branch.

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This is the outside of Matsusakagyu Yakiniuku M. (I'm sorry if the photos are blurry, I just took a screenshot from my video footage. I also uploaded a vlog about this hohoho click here if you wanna watch hehe btw it starts at 5:50)

The restaurant itself was located at the 2nd floor (or 3rd??? I can't remember I'm sorry all I remember is that we rode an elevator) and when we went out the elevator, we were greeted by the staff. We had to leave our shoes at the entrance and the staff asked if we had a reservation to which we said yes. They led us to our table which was at the very corner since there were 7 of us.

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This is how the tables looked like. Beware. The floor that you will be sitting on is not flat surface. Trust me, I learned it the hard way.

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The arrow you see there, that's actually a really deep hole(???? idk what to describe it as??) It's where you put your legs, so you're actually in a proper sitting position. I thought that we were supposed to be sitting in an Indian sit-style manner (I don't even know if my grammar is correct but you get the picture) Also, side note, I have astigmatism (300 on both eyes) and nearsightedness (175 on both eyes) and I was not wearing my glasses at that time so the world was not 1080p HD. It was like a 144p, and no I don't wear contacts, so I didn't see that there was a deep, dark abyss (lol). I was trying to sit down immediately but my foot ended up slipping in the deep thing and I fell on my butt.

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Here is a visual representation of the dark hole (the guy in the purple shirt is my cousin, but not the married one, and the one holding the beef is also my cousin, Pia).

Before we sat down, the staff asked us to remove our jackets and place them inside the garment protector which was hung on both corners of the wall. This is to prevent our jackets from smelling like meat or smoke.

The staff there were also very nice and accommodating. They also knew how to speak English well. Actually my cousin said that all of their staff are knowledgeable in speaking the language. Before ordering, the staff that was assigned to our table explained the menu and the types of meat. I don't really remember anything though haha.

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On the right was the staff that was assigned to our table (you can see her hands). She was explaining each meat type. On the left is my cousin'swife

So we ordered the 2 set meals, and each set meal includes a plate of vegetables, and 6 types of meat, 2 pairs each. We also ordered fried rice as a side dish and let me tell you, their fried rice was the BEST fried rice I have ever tasted. It was so delicious, yet so expensive, and it's not a big serving. It's only for one person but it is super delicious I'm not even joking.
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Here's the 6 types of meat.
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And here's the 6 types of meat with the delicious fried rice. See how small the fried rice is?

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This is my cousin, JR (the one who reserved everything and all) and his wife. He is taking a photo of our cousin, Pia. My cousin and his wife really love Osaka and they actually traveled to Osaka multiple times now. I believe they went there 4 times now, this year.
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Here's the photo my cousin took of Pia. She loves meat. I also asked her why she's taking so much photos and she responded with, "because it's expensive."

The meat was cooked by my cousin. The staff won't help you cook the meat because they allow you to cook it yourself. They just tell you what to do first, like putting the oil, etc.

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Now for the food.

It was delicious and very juicy. The taste is good. I didn't really feel like "OMG THIS IS THE BEST TASTING MEAT YUM YUM" but it was more of "oh nice."

Is it worth your money? I guess so. Well, 13,800JPY for just 12 pieces of meat is kinda small but it is high quality meat so yeah. I do recommend you trying it out though. As a tourist, you don't go to Osaka that often (unless you do then you don't have to do it) so I suggest trying out one of their famous restaurants. It's one of those "do it while you're here" moments. It's also for the experience!

The owner was super nice, too! He went to the Dotonbori branch just to come and say hi. He was very accommodating and he was super friendly. He even posted a group photo on his personal Facebook account.

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(Photo from Mr. Owner's FB)
"Robin ;) Windy ;) Thank you very much for coming M rest!! It was nice to meet you.  Join our foodie tour next time . Thx again!!" - Mr. Owner

Overall, it was a really nice place. The branch was really near our place (we stayed in Shinsaibashi) just a 8-10 minute walk. The staff were very accommodating and they answered all of our questions and concerns. The food was good and the place was really nice and clean. I was still taken by surprise by the hole that I fell into. Also, the owner was very friendly and nice as he really took time out of his busy schedule just to welcome us and say hi, so that's a plus point for me. Will I ever come back to this place again? Maybe not HAHAHA. It's so expensive BUT if ever I get rich and visit Japan, then yes I will eat here again.

As you can see, some pictures are blurry because they were taken from my video footage and I just took screenshots of them. If you want to see the video to this then just go to my Youtube channel: or you can see the video here (start at 5:50 for the restaurant but you know if you want to watch the whole thing then go ahead (also if you want to subscribe then please do))


Anyways thanks for reading my smol article bye

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