Get Tasty Pizza for a Cheap Price: 380 Yen Pizza at Sempre Pizza

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Sempre Pizza Neopolitan is priced at such a low price for this particular pizza.
What's great about it is that it's baked in a wood burning oven.
There is something to be said about fresh made pizza cooked in a wood burning oven.
The pricing is so cheap, I could hardly believe my eyes 380 yen equates to $4.30 canadian, $3.34 U.S.

Get Italian pizza for that price?! That's incredible right especially in a restaurant that serves delicious tasting pizza.
Why not. How many places can you think of that serves delicious pizza in Japan for that price? Probably none.

Eat it in the restaurant or have it as take out.
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Most people don't know about places like these if their new to Japan/ haven't done their research.

It's a nice venue you can sit down at eat your pizza (Italian style).
How you may ask this restaurant can keep it's prices down you may ask.
Well it's self serve and if you make a mess they give you a wet cloth to wipe your table with.

Pizza huts price in japan 1880 yen for their pizza.

For the size of pizza that you are getting at this store for 380 yen this is incredible and it also includes seating as well.

If you want to eat Italian pizza for a low price then this is a place for you to come eat at: the food is fresh tasty and you want to come
here time and time again bringing everyone you know from employees, friends, family, relatives etc.
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You can get a nice view of the outside if you pick a window seat.
They also have ten locations located in Japan.

And I will have the website for you so you can check it out:
Address: 166-0002, Japan
Tokyo Metropolitan Suginami-Ku Koenji Koenji-Kita 3-25-25
Heaven distinguished building 1F
Phone: -3330-9201
Hours of operation: Mon- Fri
1130 ~ 15:00, 17:00 ~ 22:00
SAT, holidays 11:30-22:00
(Sold as soon as finished)
Closed on Mondays
Nearest train station are 2 minutes walk from Koenji station Temple

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