Eat For Free:  Finish The Food in 1 Hour (Kagurazaka hanten)
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Have big appetite? Think your capable enough to finish a Gyoza.
This store is quite popular by Japanese students, and some famous stars in Japan has tried out this place.
Maybe your having a party and you want to see if all your guests and you can finish a bunch of the food in 1 hour otherwise they will pay for their meal, and you can have some prize at the end if they win it free.

What's great about this place is the people are friendly atmosphere.

If you like to eat and big proportion size meal and take your chance at eating a jumbo size fried rice with meat, veggies, eggs, and fried rice.
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Or if  you like dumplings: perogies: Gyoza: that is made out of dough and has heavy filling of meat and some onions, green onions,
and the time limit of 1 hour to eat it and it is totally free, Imagine that Free Gyoza on the house if you are capable of finishing the whole gyoza. Weight: Weight:5.5lbs/2.5kg, Priced:9600 Yen

Triple Jumbo Ramen: In a huge Jumbo bowl with Lots of piping hot broth and Ramen noodles, Japanese style.
Priced: 1890 Yen.

Chinese Stir Fried Rice Almost a big pot size full, think your able to finish it before the stop watch runs out of time in the 1 hour mark.

These challenges are great and fun, and there perfect for parties, birthdays, and those who might be getting married.
Or weekend food challenge to see who's got stronger genetics to be able to eat all that rice in the timed arena at the restaurant.

I think those who aren't able to do the food challenge can order normal food and just watch it as entertainment for those that do the food challenge, it isn't everyday a person can finish this big of proportion In one hour.

Bring all your family, friends, relative, colleagues, instructor, manager, brother, sister, neice, nephew, uncle, aunt, grandma, and grandpa for this whole new experience.

Here's the restaurant to go to:

Restaurant: Kagurazaka hanten
phone: 3260 1402 3
address:1-14 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku, Tokyo Prefecture
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