5 Tips for the summer in Japan

The summer in Japan can be the worst...
Temperatures of over 30 degrees (celcius) every day combined with a high humidity.
Here are 5 Tips on how to survive the hot summer of Japan.
Coming to Japan in summer is probably not the best decission.
In July there is the rain-season so you can expect Typhoon, thunderstorms and heavy rain.
Later in August and September the temperatures and humidity reach the top.
But what do japanese people do against the heat?
1) Airconditioner
Pretty much every apartment in Japan has an airconditioner.
Also every bus, shop, restaurant and other places have an aircon.
It is really necessary, as japanese apartments and houses don't really have the best isolation.
So the heat from the outside can easily get inside.
There is only one problem: the remote control.
It is full of buttons with japanese kanji on it which you might not be able to read except you studied Japanese for a long time.
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2) Kakigori (flavoured ice)
Kakigori is a sweet dish in Japan that basically consists of only frozen water.
But on the top of it there is sirup poured over the ice.
You can choose out of many flavours like strawberry, matcha (green tea) and others.
It is really delicious and refreshing in summer!
You should definately give it a try when you come to Japan in summer (still don't recommend that).
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3) Sun umbrella (for women)

Women and girls in Japan often walk around with umbrellas on sunny days.
Those special umbrellas are made to protect from the sun and even have an UV-filter.
Japanese women want to protect their skin from the sun because a white skin is considered "beautiful" and "elegant".
That sound strange for western people, as we consider a skin with a teint as attractive.
Well, different culture, different ideals.
Such a sun umbreally can be bought in many stores for clothes but they cost around 2500 Yen (~25 $)
4) Soda with soft ice

Something you can get in summer in Japan is the soda with soft ice cream on the top.
It is also a very refreshing sweet when the temperatures are high.
You can get it with cola, melon soda, ramune and many other kinds of soda.
My favorite is the melon soda one though.
You can get those at Subways, Mc Donalds and many other fast food restaurants.
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5) Japanese fan

The last product which can cool you down on hot summer days is: a japanese fan.
No matter if you are a woman or a man, everyone can use it.
You can get one easily everywhere in Japan, at tourist shops or just local stores.
They can actually make a really nice breeze of air if you use them the right way.
Also they make a good suvenir, by the way.
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Those were my 5 tips of how to survive summer in Japan.
I am sure with those things you can stay cool in the hottest months of the year.
Check out this article for a little insight in the japanese lifestyle:

See you!

Rob W