Have You Ever Try Gyoza apple pie? Or Ramen Cake? What about Udon cake? (Sweets Paradise (Restaurant)
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Only Sold in Japan this kind of dessert is available: gyoza: apple pie filling, Ramen cake, Soba and udon cake in bowl.
I know it sounds pretty bizarre, but hey it's Japan there's a culinary fusion, and creativity of unique items: including food
that you don't find anywhere else, Just looking at the selection of different rare items that are made into dessert,
pastry, bakery style.
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Who wouldn't want to try this they certainly don't have this sort of thing anywhere else in the world.
This place isn't just for those who are adventurous eaters there are other selections of normal looking pastry bakery items that you can order.

If your In Japan and it comes to food you got to try a variety of interesting baked goods after all the food creations changes often,
to entice the hungry  traveller/ customer that has a sweet tooth.

I would personally recommend this place to everyone I know the baked goods look amazing, and if I didn't know better I would think that it's premade ramen ready to eat and to take home.

What's also interesting is the beautiful presentation they have placing the baked items:ramen , and making It look so life like the real

I like that they sell ice cream to other European like pastries, but for it's uniqueness of pastries, I going to eat the ramen in gelatin,
has a nice sweet taste and they also have assortment of other cakes, which are Instagram worthy.

So beautiful presentation, and taste.
One thing you can expect is the quality and time that goes into making these baked goods, that is something Japan is right,
and the politeness,  and friendliness goes a long way, that I will remember a lifetime.

The kind of professionalism and friendliness that Japan representatives have can't be matched.

They not only sell those rare cake/pastries items as listed above, they also sell beautiful cakes, and desserts.
So if you hace a sweet tooth, and you like European desserts: they've got it at this Store.
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Here is the website:
address:Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo Prefecture (Shibuya / Harajuku / Ebisu)
phone: +81 3-6661-8671  

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