Visiting a Maid Cafe – The story of a girl-visitor


Visiting a Maid Cafe – The story of a girl-visitor
Maid Cafes are a popular type of restaurant in Japan and has only been around since 2001. In these cafes the waitresses are dressed in French maid costumes and act as a servant to the costumer, whom they refer to as ‘master’. 
These cafes are immensely popular among locals and tourists. However, the demographic of the maid café was originally chosen to appeal to the male crowd. Therefore, it might feel just a little strange a female to visit these cafes. I remember me being hesitant as well in the beginning. 
Therefore, I have made this entry, which might have a bit of a journal kind of feel to it to explain to you my experience of visiting a maid café and why I believe females have no need to feel embarrassed to visit these cafes.
January 1st 2015, Akihabara
Looking back, I can not believe how long it has been since and how much I still recall from this day. It feels weird still being able to trace almost all actions I did while visiting Akihabara in 2015. 
I remember, wanting to visit a Maid Café while visiting Japan and I had chosen the ‘MaiDreamin’ café. I had chosen this café, because I once saw a documentary which featured this specific café.
Shop front - Source: Tripadvisor

MaiDreamin was definitely an easy café to find. Not only is there a big banner on display on the building they are located, also a very lovely young lady approached us on the street asking if we wanted to visit the café. The maid wore the French maid outfit including high stockings and a head piece. The journey had started!
The girl walked us to the elevator, because the café is located on the 6th floor. The maids are instructed to give you information about the café in the elevator and they tell you ‘the journey has started’ towards ‘fantasyland’. 
Upon arriving you are greeting by another maid and she tells you to take notice of the 1000 yen visiting fee. I knew there was a fee just for visiting, but I loved the fact they told you in advance, in case some ignorant visitor will be scared by the check afterwards. 
After you agree, you are taken to the dining area. There are two areas: A bar like area where single visitors are able to site and a cozier dining space where you can sit as a group.

Since you were not allowed to take picture, I quickly snapped this one to give an idea of the surroundings
 The maid who takes you to the table will give you a full experience. She started the ‘experience’ by blowing on a electric candle which turns on after you give it a blow. After that she gives you the manner, while addressing you (in our case women) as: O-himesama, translating to something like princess/queen. The girl was very welcoming and made us feel very comfortable. Whenever we needed service we just had to shout: Nyan Nyan (The sound a cat makes…) It felt a bit crazy doing this, but I loved every minute.
After ordering these really cute ice creams (yes it was December, but we couldn’t resist the cuteness) the girl stopped by our table to reduce the wait by having us play a little game together. Even with our limited Japanese, she made it really fun.

I remember while we waited a group of relatives came in. I loved the idea of Japanese celebrating a birthday at a maid café. In the group were 2 little kids, about 4 adults and 2 elderly men. This moment made me change my mind about Maid Cafes. They are actually just entertainment cafes, nothing weird what so ever.
After receiving our food and enjoying every last bit, I asked my companion to stay just a little longer. I recalled from the video I saw before, which is something you all should be aware of when visiting this place… Every hour throughout the day a maid gets on the tiny stage in the café and pumps up the audience and does a little lip-sync and dance performance. (Afterall most girls who work in a Maid Café are girl who love to be active in the music industry, but have yet to be discovered). This can get pretty crazy, like guys doing amazing ‘wotagei’ ( a special type of dance moves you do when an idol is singing). I recommend you staying for this.
To accommodate those wanting to make this day even more memorable, you can get a ‘menu’ option which gives you a Polaroid picture with a maid as a memorabilia besides just getting the food and drinks. This absolutely made my day and after paying the check (which wasn’t so bad after all… expect to pay around 3000-4000yen) we left with a very satisfied feeling.
So in conclusion, I recommend all girls who are hesitant of visiting a maid café, to throw away these feelings and pay these girls a visit. They are very welcoming and I feel like the girls really like to have a female customer in their store… 
And the most important tip which I can give you: Just enjoy yourself while being there, because that is what maid cafes are for, to give their customers an amazing time and if you let go all of your fears I am sure you will have a blast and will remember every single minute, just like it still do!

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