One of Japan’s most spectacular aquariums; Kaiyukan (Osaka)

Osaka's Aquarium makes for a fascinating and peaceful day out. If you love the ocean this is the place for you.

The prices are :

Adults: 2300 YEN
Over 60 Years: 2000 YEN

 Kids under 3: FREE
 4-6 Years: 600 YEN
 7-15 Years: 1200 YEN
 16 and older: 2300 YEN

Or you can get an OSAKA KAIYU TICKET which offers bundle discounts on the Ferris Wheel, train rides and other tourist attractions in the area.

It takes around two and a half hours to explore the aquariums 15 tanks. Each tank recreates a region of the Pacific Rim and there are around 30,000 creatures to meet!

(my photo)

(my photo)

I especially enjoyed seeing the dolphins play and jump spectacularly. The seals were very cute too, whizzing around their tanks like little furry torpedo's . 


The star of the show is the whale shark , the largest fish species in the world. It is very surreal seeing these huge fish glide by you serenely.


There is even a tank where you can touch some of the sea creatures, which makes for a very unique experience. 

After 5pm they have they tanks lit up dramatically which makes things even more interesting.

The aquarium is very foreigner friendly with English signs everywhere.

The gift shop had so many adorable items . If you like cute stuff it will require some self control .

The aquarium is located in the Tempozan Harbor which includes a shopping mall , a Ferris wheel, Lego land, a petting zoo and sight seeing boat cruises. All of this makes it a perfect spot for families to enjoy.  There is also a food theme park called Naniwa Kuishinbo Yokocho. It recreates 1960s Osaka and contains 20 delicious restaurants.  This means you can stop by and grab some famous Osaka takoyaki after exploring the aquarium.


There is also a park nearby that is amazing for pokemon go. Where I am from Pokemon go as died out, but here it was like back when it was at its peak. At night time people put out a bunch of lures and there were about 50 people -older folks, teenagers , families - all walking around the park catching pokemon. It was really fun and the park had a lovely friendly atmosphere.  Even if you don't play I think its worth going for a walk around there just to experience it. There are some interesting sculptures at the park as well.


Overall , I highly recommend checking this area out, particularly if you have kids . However my partner and I were in our early 20s and still had a great time. It is happy and relaxing place to explore outside of the hustle and bustle of central Osaka. 

Chloe Hamilton