Rent & Walk A Dog for 3600 yen: $40.66/$ 31.55 U.S. : Dog Heart (Dog Cafe)

Japan Rent a dog to walk at: (Dog Heart),
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Dog café For $40.66 CAN/$31.55 U.S. For a Hour

Living/Visiting in Japan: want to get a dog but the place won't allow pets:
Rent a dog to walk with and keep you company.
Really they actually has this in Japan? Yes they have this kind of business in Japan.
It's rather nice so that those that can't get a dog/ are living in Japan can walk a dog, and the dogs are friendly, so it's the perfect
opportunity to take a dog for a walk.

You can rent and walk the  dog for a hour for the price of 3600 yen: $40.66 Cad/ 31.55 U.S.
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Additional 3600 yen for extension fee:40.66 CAD/31.55 U.S.
There is a short course you can take at this dog café: 30-minute short course per person like 950 hour course per person
¥ 1,550
Extended every 15 minutes / person: 300 yen: 3.39 CAD/U.S. 2.63

It's like having your 4 legged friend overseas while your on vacation you can still walk your rented pet friend.
When you Rent Your doggie Friend it comes it a bag with doggie can container where you can put the doggie bag of poo in their
to throw away trash bin near by, plastic spread where you and the dog can have a seat on, as well as water bottle for the dog,
and a cloth.

This a great way for anyone to rent a dog, and still have a pet without having to spend lots of time with,
In small time increments without all the heavy responsibilities and upkeep of this cute furry pet.
Or those that have a extremely busy work schedule, and leave little time for that kind of furry friend.

These places are an option for people to interact one on one with a dog, and enjoy the great companionship between human and dog, loyal creature to a human.

It's great for families, single people, couples, on dates.
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Here's the website for information:(
google translate the language of you understanding.
Contact this business: dog go on vacation too.

Address:Tokyo Shibuya-ku wealth month Valley 1-45 - 2 Y's Kioicho Park Bldg. 2f,
Hours of Operations: 11:00-19:00 closed open all year round.
Parking No. Nearby parking available
Phone Number:03-3469-4115

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