These three cafes will make you want to visit Japan even more!

When people visit Japan,  there tend to be several things that people say they absolutely must experience during their trip. A big one tends to be the food, which I can absolutely understand - there are so many delicious choices! Another big one is checking out all the cute stuff Japan has to offer - I know plenty of people that come to visit Japan and get a real kick out of all the adorable stuff here.

How about combining both - your favorite characters incorporated into yummy food? Double whammy! Here are three places you can get some grub and indulge in the cuteness.

Cafe De Miki

Love Hello Kitty? Me, too! Japan has loads of great Hello Kitty inspired places to check out, including theme parks like Sanrio Puroland and Harmony Land. If you want Hello Kitty inspired food though, look no further!

Cafe De Miki is situated at Odaiba's Diver City Plaza, and gives you a relaxing, afternoon tea type setting. Fun fact that some of you might not know - Sanrio created Hello Kitty to be British, because at the time there was a lot of fascination in Japan with foreign countries - particularly England! 

As a result of this, Cafe De Miki incorporates some of those quintessentially British food items onto the menu - tea and scones, anyone? There are also plenty of other options - matcha pancakes, berry french toast, and a range of parfaits amongst others!

For more details about getting to Cafe De Miki, and their full menu, check out their website here. 

Pompompurin Cafe

Another adorable character created by Sanrio is Pompompurin, a golden retriever (who wears a beret, as if he wasn't cute enough already).

The Pompompurin Cafe is located in Harajuku, which is a must-visit destination in my opinion anyway - and if you can get some super photogenic grub while you're at it then all the better!

PC: Flickr User Rachel Toh

They have both sweet and savory items on their menu - some of the selections include a creamy pumpkin, edamame and bacon pasta, omelet rice (a common food you'll see around Japan quite a bit in your travels!) and a chocolate banana parfait. For the full menu check out their website here.

Peanuts Cafe

A fan of all things Snoopy? The Peanuts Cafe is situated in the trendy Tokyo suburb of Nakameguro, in an unassuming building - but their menu is anything but bland! Options that feature on the Peanuts Cafe menu include Goose Egg Sliders (complete with Snoopy stamped into the bun), meatballs with a fresh tomato sauce, and an item called "Woodstock's Nest" which is mini corn dogs and french fries - guilty pleasure food right there!

If you'd prefer to stop in just for something sweet rather than a meal, you can definitely do that too - they have a S'mores platter that you can share with your friends (who shares S'mores though!) or maybe their baked marshmallow latte is more up your alley. Regardless, there is something to satisfy just about any sweet tooth here!

Once you've finished enjoying your food, they have a range of Peanuts memorabilia - some of which you can only get at this particular cafe location! 

For more menu information they have a website you can check out here. 

PC: Flickr User tania_mini

One thing that has really endeared me to Japan is the ability here to embrace all things adorable - no matter a person's age. I hope that on your visit to Japan you'll also have the chance to enjoy it!

Enjoy Japan, and happy eating!

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