The Freshest Conveyor Belt Sushi in Tokyo!

You may be under the impression that conveyor belt sushi is not best ; while that might be the case for some places, you can never go wrong with Nemurohanamaru Conveyor Belt Sushi!  They have every type of seafood that you would want to taste-from the usual salmon, tuna, and squid, to delicacies such as jumbo shrimps, premium fat tuna, and eel.  What's more, all of their ingredients are shipped directly from the port, so get ready to taste some of the freshest sushi in Tokyo!  There are only 6 prices here, ranging from JPY 130 to JPY 420, depending on the type and size of sushi that you want to order, creating a very simple system that allow even foreign tourists to easily order. 
Menu at Nemurohanamaru

Nemurohanamaru (we'll just call it Hanamaru from now on) originated from Hokkaido, a paradise for seafood lovers.  Now, they have made their way down to Tokyo, and have shops in Ginza and Marunouchi.  I usually go to the one in Marunouchi, which is inside the popular KITTE department store.  Even on a weekday during lunchtime, you'll see people lining up outside the restaurant, so be prepared to wait 20-30 minutes for a seat; but trust me, it is definitely worth it! 
Hanamaru in KITTE Marunouchi

I usually start off with some Ikura (fish roe), then work my way down the menu for something more voluminous.  Each plate color is different, depending on the price of your sushi.  My absolute favorite is the Sujiko Shoyu Zuke (筋子醤油漬け) , which is rice covered by ikura marinated in soy sauce. 
Sujiko Shoyu Zuke (筋子醤油漬け)

Next, I move on to bigger pieces such as salmon, or tuna.  Another must try at Hanamaru is the Kurose Buri (黒瀬ぶり), which is Kurose Amberjack mostly found in the waters of Miyazaki.  This particular dish comes with two pieces of sushi, which is usually the case when you order at sushi restaurants; but for more expensive dishes such as the aforementioned ikura or premium fat tuna, you will only get one piece of sushi, so make sure you enjoy and savor that one bite! 
IMG_7214 (1).JPG 583.45 KB

Of course, you also get other choices of food here at Hanamaru, such as miso soup and even deserts such as tiramisu or creme brulee to freshen up your palate.  One of my favorite side dish is their Karaage (唐揚げ), or fried chicken, topped with a slice of lemon.  You will get 4 to 5 pieces of fried chicken for only JPY 180, definitely worth the price! 
IMG_7213.JPG 539.61 KB

For non-wasabi eaters like me, don't worry if all the sushi you find on the conveyor belt contains wasabi.  You can also custom make your sushi, so simply ask the waiter for some Sabi-Nuki (サビ抜き) sushi, which means sushi without the little dab of wasabi under the fish; if you see something you like on the menu, but can't find on the conveyor belt, just order it from their English menu!  Next time you're in Tokyo, instead of heading straight for Tsukiji market for sushi, why not head to a Hanamaru near you for an enjoyable and delicious seafood experience!
Hanamaru in KITTE Marunouchi

Ivy Chu