Gotta catch this limited edition treat at McDonalds Japan!

Japan really is the home of limited edition deliciousness. Whether it's fun seasonal pocky, unique potato chip flavors, or different soft drinks, there's always something worth trying that only sticks around for a short period of time.

Fast food chains here also are into the limited edition game, and McDonalds Japan have released a Pikachu McFlurry! The dates it will be available are from 14th of July until early August, so if you want to try it you'll have to get in fast.

We decided to give it a try today at our local McDonalds store - if you want to give it a whirl too it will set you back 290 yen.

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In line with Pikachu's colors, the McFlurry is a chocolate/banana flavor.

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I'm a definite sweet tooth and enjoy ice cream, and I highly recommend this McFlurry if you're looking for something cold and sweet to get you through these hot summer days we are experiencing right now. Not only is it super tasty, but you can't go past the cuteness of the cup if you're a Pokémon fan!

Chocolate banana swirl game on point!

As well as offering the Pikachu McFlurry for a limited period of time, they also have Pokémon Happy Meal toys right now. Along with the toy, you also get this super cute manga - it makes for a fun little souvenir from your time in Japan!

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If you're in Japan right now I hope you'll get the chance to try the new McFlurry - not only was it super delicious, but it was super cute, too! If you're trying to find a McDonalds store close to where your accommodation is located, you can check the store locator feature on their website here. It is in Japanese, but using the locator is pretty simple. Pop in the postcode of where you're staying (it should be on a business card or pamphlet from your accommodation, or on your booking confirmation) and the results will be shown on the map.

Happy Eating, and Enjoy Japan!

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