Great help I got on Tsunoshima!!!

In order to save valuable time from transportation and take as much as advantage from the JR-5Day Pass, I went to furthest area of the pass to Fukuoka by Shinkansen from Hiroshima in the last day of the pass. Moreover, I could freely travel to an area en route which the 5Day Pass covered, Kottoi JR station for taking a bus to an island, Tsunoshima. After Tsunoshima, I directly went to Fukuoka with the pass which I was really satisfied with particularly I even used it in the last few hours of its validation.
If you are a big fan of Japanese films, you may know Tsunoshima which was a location of a film showing on 2005, Yokkakan no kiseki.
Moreover, if you are “weird” like me looking forward to see a special and historical thing on the island, you would not mind to take all the way to Tsunoshima, because the island is really attractive. 
Want to know my trip on Tsunoshima and what brought me there?
In the morning, I checked out from a hostel in Hiroshima and took Sanyo Shinkansen off to Shin-Shimonoseki for Conventional lines heading Shimonoseki. In Shimonoseki, I saved most of my belongings into the coin lockers at the station, except camera, phone and money for sure!
Afterwards, I could head to Kottoi by JR San-in Line with direction to Nagatoshi.

Time is extremely important for this trip! Because you do not wish to wait for a bus for an hour! Hence, before looking around the funny “Un-manned” JR station, find the latest timetable of bus outside the station.
 Because I still got around 30 minutes, so, I finally found a “staff” of the station.
Found a bell next to the station.
Found a bell next to the station.
The bus came on time as always.
Weather was not that good though……
I planned to walk around the island starting from my “weird” target of the island, Tsunoshima Lighthouse. 
Thus, I dropped at “lighthouse park”.
Then I walked down to the “lighthouse park”. And FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!

The weather was getting worse that wind was strong and started raining which chilled me out.
After watching the exhibition in the lighthouse museum, I walked down to the park where you can see the lighthouse from the other side.
Because I felt hungry that I walked back to the only one restaurant I could see from where I dropped off from the bus.
Well… I was a naive that I believed the tourism TV show where the actors would tell you the feeling of eating the arms of squid alive is great.
Thus, I ordered the mantle and arms serving in sashimi when the fins were in tempura.
It was a lie because they did not tell me to aware the suckers on the underside of squid’s arm!
However, it was an impressive meal!! (Next time, the arms have to be served in tempura for me. Haha)
And then it was the time to walk around because I spent time for the meal that I knew I was going to miss the returning bus.
Unfortunately, rain got heavier and temperature was decreasing. I could not walk further on the island as my plan.
I had to stay at an indoor area for a while that I walked to Tsunoshima Nature Museum which was around 30 minutes to its closing time.
Therefore, I also could not stay too long whereas the next bus still got a while to arrive.

A great help from an adorable Japanese man offered me to give me a ride to JR station directly so that I did not need to wait for the bus.
Apart from the free ride he offered, he also gathered some information for the JR I needed for going Fukuoka which was my final destination at that night.
Hence, he drove me leaving the museum yet we suddenly stopped somewhere else on the island. He introduced me to a park on the other side of the island. It was actually showed on the map being part of my plan!
It was not an end of the help from the adorable man. He decided to send me to a further JR station, Nagato-Futami where providing more trains than Kottoi.
Finally, I took it back toShimonoseki to take back my belongings from the lockers and off to Fukuoka for hostel.
PS: 1) There are different kinds of coin lockers in Japan, nonetheless, you can only open the locker once after you locked it for all kinds, therefore please remember to pack everything well before you locked it up. Also, some coin lockers require you to keep a receipt for opening the locker while you return, in contrast some only need a pin or password. Read the instruction of the locker carefully before you use it!
2) I must drive to Tsunoshima one day for walking on Tsunoshima bridge!!!
It is a really beautiful one although I saw it with bad weather.
3) Although I luckily got nothing wrong from this trip, please check the weather and temperature to get enough equipment you need.
4) Still feel thankful for the help from the adorable man offered me, I promised him to visit him later and I drive myself. haha.
5) Anyone can comment or even teach me how to eat the squid in sashimi?!?! (It was my first time to eat indeed.)
6) Please note that Lighthouse Park gets day off on every Thursday!!!