Tokyo (1): Akihabara, the electric town.

My 3-day trip to Tokyo was a real adventure!
In the next days, I will show you a few impressions from my trip and give you some advices for your Tokyo trip.
also called the "electric town" is called like that for a good reason.
After arriving at the station, you can already spot the first Anime characters on every corner.
Then after just a few meters walk, there are the first shops for electronics and electric stuff.
When you come to the main street of Akiba (like people in Tokyo call it) you can see buildings decorated with Anime, gaming or generally hobby related topics.
20170717_133249.jpg 3.88 MB

If I tell you that there are shops for everything a geek can ever imagine, then you can believe me!
You can buy new games, retro games as well as retro consoles, high tech gaming computers (even the new generation intel core i9), electronic parts, lights, robots but also tons of Anime figurs, posters, comic merchandise, toys and things that you have never seen before.
Some shops literally offer gaming consoles that are not getting produces since many years (gameboy, nintendo 64, sega mega drive, ...).
In one of the shops I saw a pretty cool looking collection of star wars figures (over 70 of them):
20170717_142757.jpg 3.43 MB

Of course there are a lot of Anime goods in Akihabara for the real Anime/Manga Otakus (nerds).
If you are interested to get a completely "harmless" poster of your favorite character, you should probably visit following store:
20170717_134951.jpg 4.4 MB

There are also many side streets in Akihabara where you can discover even more shops.
But as you walk in those streets, you will see girls in about high school age with costumes that talk to you in high pitched voices and offer you flyers.
The outfits they wear can be in most of cases a maid but also a police woman, nurse or even Snow White.
20170717_134302.jpg 5.01 MB

Don't get fooled by those girls because they want to invite you to expensive maid cafes or other places like that.

Another funny thing you can find in this district of Tokyo is: strange cafes.
That means: cat cafes, owl cafes and even hedgehog cafes.
I have not been to any of those pet cafes but if you love those animals and have enough money, you can give it a try!

Akihabara was all in all not so special for me.
Maybe one reason for that is that I am not so interested in Anime or comic stuff.
But as a geek for electronic devices, I found some places that definately got my interest.
If want to visit shops with 6 or more floors full of Anime-, comic-, hobby-related things, you should not miss Akihabara.
Also it is generally nice to see this unique side of Tokyo that you will not find anywhere else.

The next article of my Tokyo-series will be about Harajuku and the "kawaii monster cafe".
It was an experience that I can only explain by showing a video about it.
So make sure you don't miss the next articles.

See you!

Rob W