My Top Reccommendations of Japanese Desserts

My Top Favorite Lists of Japanese Desserts Reccommendations
Doriyaki With Ice Cream Filling credit 229.2 KB

1. Doriyaki: pancake sandwich with Ice cream and whipped cream in the center
Talk about a sweet breakfast dessert or wait a minute it doesn't have to be designated to breakfast dessert, it can be lunch dessert, or dinner dessert, optional to eat anytime store in freezer.
Make/buy in store or at the store, and cool down during the summer heat.
And reward yourself and have a sweet treat in the comforts of your visit in Japan/home.

Hanami Dango credit 67.89 KB

2.Hanami Dango are sakura flavored, the green is green tea flavored. white is unflavored.
Hakuto Peach Jelly credit 60.62 KB

3. Hakuto Peach Jelly: originates from Okayama, one of the prefecture main assortments of peaches, large peach with light colored skin, It is priced a bit higher but that's what your paying for quality.

Daifuku with Ice cream credit 701.28 KB

4. Daifuku Aisu: Rice cake filled with Ice cream

Yuzu Daifuku Credit 22.89 KB

5. Yuzu Daifuku:  citrus fruits in Japan prized for grapefruit-like taste. Yuzu Daifuku Yuzu are mostly  filled with anko and sugar.

6.Anmitsu: Japanese dessert: that contains red algae: what the clear jelly is made from compressed in a mold, there are toppings with sweet beans, chestnuts, fruit, boiled peas, and a  side of sweet black syrup  topping.  The core ingredients anko: pureed red beans with sugar and agar jelly are  .
Anmitsu with ice cream is considered a separate dessert known as Cream Anmitsu.
Animitsu credit 165.14 KB

7. Hishimochi: colorful 3 layer rice cake with pink, white, and green color that is usually served on Girls Day In Japan.
The shape is rooted as a fertility symbol in the edo period.
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Karukan Sweet yam mochi credit 11.34 KB

8. Karukan: Sweet bread that contains Japan sweet pureed yam inside.
Uiro credit 43.73 KB

9. Uiro: Steam rice cake with a chewy texture: natural flavor contains: anko:red bean paste, matcha: green tea, kinako:roasted soya bean flour, and sakura: cherry flower blossom. 

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