Sweet Tooth in Tokyo? Savory sweets for you and your budget!

As someone with huge sweet tooth, I was super excited when I saw Japan’s abundant collection of pastries and sweets! Not only do you have your normal everyday goodies, you can even have themed sweets in honor of your favorite anime, manga, or musician.  If you’re coming to Japan with a sweet tooth like mine… Get ready to stuff your face silly and with these sweet treats and sugar shop until you drop! First, let’s start off with budget friendly sweets. 

Ice Cream at Nakano Broadway 

Nakano Broadway is known for its multitude of anime and manga merchandise, along with legendary retro items you never thought you’d see again. But when you decide to explore the basement level of this otaku heaven, you’ll find--- HUGE ice cream! Who knew? Take a break from Broadway lights and merchandise with the sweet treat from Daily Chico for about 500 yen!

P.S. You might need a friend or two to share it with!

Parfait away in Ikebukuro

A short walk from JR Ikebukuro Station is the Milky Way café! Milky Way is an astrology themed café, perfect for those with a love for the stars, and sweets!  The café has a parfait menu based on the horoscopes, thus presenting you with starry sweet parfaits, all for about 900 yen. A thing to keep in mind though is that Milky Way requires each person to order, meaning a group can’t share a single parfait.

Milky Way Cafe constellation dessert parfaits! They have 13 constellations instead of 12!

Themed Sweets in Sunshine City

In Ikebukuro, there’s a mall called Sunshine City, and in this city there’s a little town called Namja Town! On occasion, Namja Town does collaborations for different anime/manga. When they do, a majority of food vendors inside Namja town design food and dessert to match the theme! Desserts range from 500 to a little over 1000 yen, and are the cutest thing ever!

Note: There is an entrance fee for Namja Town (500 yen for adults and 300 yen for children). 

The sugar rush doesn’t stop there--- Head over to Sweets Paradise in Shinjuku

If you’re on-the-go and want a cake slice or two, you can find a mini Sweets Paradise shop inside the Station (when heading to the Marunouchi Line). This mini shop has a number of cakes, all for 100 yen each!  But if you really want a “sweets paradise”, you can find the Sweets Paradise restaurant on the East Side of Shinjuku! Here, it’s a 70 minute all-you-can-eat buffet full of your favorite cakes and desserts for about 1,530 yen. If you’re wondering, yes, there is a regular menu, just in case you’ve had too much cake!

Harajuku exclusive sweets, for less than 1000 yen!

Harajuku is home to style, fashion, and sweets! Harajuku sweets tend to be branded as “exclusive” (and pricier than others), but it’s still possible to have a treat or two for under 1000 yen.If you want to tackle Harajuku’s sugar rush, don’t forget to bring a bottle of water because in Harajuku, you can find..

Crepes & Bubble Tea 
Crepes and bubble tea is a refreshing dessert combination, especially after a long day of walking. Japan crepes are light and fluffy, and when combined with mildly sweet, cold, bubble tea, you can’t help but feel light and fluffy too! For these treats, the more “decorated” they are, the pricier they get. A more ornate crepe may cost 200 yen more, and “royal milk bubble tea” may cost 100 yen more than normal “milk tea bubble tea”. Though you won’t have to worry on spending over 1,000 yen on each, or both. 

Although Harajuku wins the title for the place with the most Crepes/bubble tea vendors on one street, you can find these treats in Shinjuku and Akihabara too!

Crepes and bubble tea after a long walk hits the spot
Cotton Candy (Totti Factory Candy Shop)
If you’re a cotton candy fan, you may want to check out Totti Factory Candy Shop! Totti Factory specializes in “Harajuku Exclusive Cotton Candy.” If you see people with huge, rainbow colored, customized cotton candy, it’s highly likely it was from Totti!  This cotton candy can range from 300 yen – 900 yen, depending on the size. 
Totti cotton candy via https://www.instagram.com/p/BJPwWkKASHF/
Sweet Souvenirs at Candy Show Time
For those of you looking for some sweets to take home, you can take a quick stop at Candy Show Time! Candy Show Time sells cute rock candies in multiple flavors and designs. On some occasions, there are samples for the latest flavor! Each pack of candy can cost roughly 500 yen – 900 yen, a nice treat for yourself or friends back home .

Sweets shopping at Candy Show Time!

For the luxuriously sweet eaters out there--
I recommend Harajuku’s Kawaii Monster Café! This café has a fair share of food, dessert, and drink served in a crazy cute and colorful atmosphere. The most popular dessert on their menu is often between the Colorful Poison Cake (whole cake at 2,800 yen / half at 1,500 yen / one-fourth at 850 yen) and Colorful Poison Parfait (2,300 yen). The sizes of these desserts clearly reflect their price (as well as taste). And, the good news is that you can split the tab with your friends! 

Note: There is a service fee of 500 yen per person.

Super cute and crazy good Poison Cake (left) and Poison Parfait (right) via http://kawaiimonster.jp/day/pc/en/menu/sweets/
And there you have it!  Have a sweet day folks! 

Angie Rin