Starbucks Japan's MUST-TRY seasonal drinks!

Have you ever been to a Starbucks? How about a Starbucks in Japan

One of the things I absolutely love about Japan is the attention to detail and season, the way that the Japanese celebrate a new season with decorations and special items is something I haven't seen anywhere else. Limited edition is something you see here all the time, and why shouldn't that also apply to coffee?
Some of the seasonal beverages this previous year in Japan.
Maybe you have heard about the Starbucks Japan Sakura limited edition beverages, which are served a short period in march every year. But the sakura beverages are not the only ones. In Japan the coffee chain come out with special, limited edition, beverages all year round and you have a good chance of finding one special drink during your travel to Japan no matter the time of year you arrive.  Most of them come as "frappucinos" (cold) or lattes (warm), some contain yoghurt or almond milk and some are tea based beverages.
Sakura Blossom Cream Frappuccino & Sakura Blossom Cream Latte. Sakura lineup from 2017.
Sakura Frappucino Milk at a convenience store & Starbucks Japan's limited edition sakura merchandise (2017).
Unlike Starbucks regular menu items the seasonal drinks often feature seasonal ingredients and flavors, like Strawberries during late spring and gingerbread during winter. Some of the more creative and luxurious frappucinos have contained things like pie crust domes, or whole little chocolate cakes as well as the usual whipped cream and fruit flavorings.
Chocolate Cake Topped Frappuccino with Matcha Shot & Key Lime Cream and Yogurt Frappucino blended creme.
American Cherry Pie Frappucino & Strawberry Cream Frappuccino
I haven't been able to try all the ones released this previous year, but all of the ones I have tried have been something special. Sometimes too sweet, but still always something special. My favorites must have been the Strawberry Cream and the American Cherry Pie Frappucino and do I look forward to all the new seasonal beverages that will be released during summer and fall.
Shaken Watermelon & Passion Tea and Cherry & Chocolate Chip Frappucino
Two of the latest releases at Starbucks Japan are the Shaken Watermelon & Passion Tea, which sounds perfect for the hot and humid Japanese summers, and the Cherry & Chocolate Chip Frappucino (which was soon to be released when this article was published). I have yet to try these, but if you find yourself in Japan this summer you might find them.
Small tasting sizes of limited edition beverages, if you´re lucky you might get one.
If you happen to visit Japan when there´s not any special drinks served at Starbucks, you can always get the Caramel Frappucino or Matcha Green Tea Frappucino instead.
Caramel Frappucino, not a limited edition but a super tasty beverage you can always get at Starbucks Japan.
Have you ever tried a Starbucks Japan seasonal item?  If you do come to Japan, make sure you don't miss it! Make time for a visit during your Japan trip, to try the latest beverage, preferably at the Starbucks at Shibuya crossing or the recently opened traditional café in Kyoto

Johanna Forsberg