Drink up with Pokemon Vending machines

Never ending spawn of Pikachu's , adding a extra cuteness , in celebration of this years  Pikachu Outbreak 2017 , there will be special Pikachu edition Vending Machine nationwide in Japan

There's 3 different designs to look for , in my a opinion all 3 are super cute , the yellow Pokemon pikachu sure to brighten up this summer and beat your thirst. 
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photo via (itoen.co.jp)
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photo via (youtube.com)
Those life size dancing  pikachus are already hyped before the release of the vending machine.
If your super hyped like them you really should go and find these cute vending machines and satisfy your Pokemon fandom
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photo via (youtube.com)
These vending machine are limited versions of Ito En’s vegetable juice Jyuujitsu Yasai (充実野菜). 
The special cute Pokémon packaging comes in five characters, which include Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and Snorlax
Cute simple design on the bottle not sure why Pokemon and veges juice , i would of been more happy with fruit juice.
Japan McDonald's did release the pikachu banana chocolate Mc Furry and they did release the some other Pokemon images but other than the pikachu the other flavors didn't get release i guess this Ito En's veges juice will fit the craving of Pokemon themed vegetable foods/drinks (much like that bulbsaur broccoli  flavor). 
I also kinda wish that other than different Pokemon character they would make different characters a different flavor because its a bit boring right 

But i hope there will be more Pokemon  related goods or events getting announced because you can never get enough Pokemon especially the all time favorite Pikachu.
But if there is i am sure to write about it so stay tuned!!!!  

So just like playing Pokemon go but instead of catching Pokemon , why don't you explore japan and go find and get yourself a cute PokeVege drink. 

be sure to keep an eye out for those pikachus :)

Julia Lai