All sugared out? 3 healthy spots to eat at in Tokyo!

Vacations are often our chance to let loose and indulge a little - I think a lot of the time we forget about calories and sugar when we're away on the trip of a lifetime. In no way am I saying not to embrace all the deliciousness that Japan has to offer - but if you've had a crepe, a cotton candy, and a giant seasonal Starbucks frap, you might be feeling all sugared out.

There are plenty of healthy eating spots across the city if you're more in the mood for a salad or some greens - here are three that I like!

Urth Caffe

You may have heard of (or visited) Urth Caffe if you've been to California - there are a few locations there. Tokyo also has two locations now - one around the Omotesando Hills area, and the other in Daikanyama. They love their pesto at Urth Caffe (and so do I!) - they have an awesome grilled chicken and pesto salad, or a sandwich version if you're craving those carbs. Their drink menu is also really extensive, with loads of coffees, teas, juices, and even bubble tea drinks (those are probably not the healthiest - but gosh, are they pretty!)

Their website is here, which has their full menu for both store locations available if you want to check it out. 



Bondi Cafe

Bondi Cafe is probably my favorite of the three options I'm giving you today. Maybe because it's called Bondi (after Bondi Beach in Australia - my home country!) but most likely because they do some really amazing salads and acai bowls. My favorite thing about the salads there are that you can design your own. They have a regular size (500 yen) and a large size (800 yen) and you can add as many or as few ingredients as you want. If you can be a picky eater, or you don't like certain things in your salad, then it's a good choice. 

The store I tend to visit is the one in the Tokyo suburb of Hiroo, but there are a few other locations - you can check them out on their website here. 



Brown Rice Cafe

This cafe is vegetarian - so it's perfect if you're not a meat eater and looking for a great spot to eat in the city. They have a big focus on seasonal eating, so everything is always the freshest of the fresh. There are always loads of beautiful brightly colored veggies incorporated into the dishes they prepare, so not only is it a treat for your tastebuds but for your eyes too. The name might have been a dead giveaway, but the set meals are all served with brown rice. My favorite thing to order here is the seasonal curry set, but they do offer several set choices. Their website is here and has their menu details as well as their philosophy when it comes to food (it's in English!)


Hopefully this provides you with a few options that are still tasty but won't have you crashing after that sugar overload (but let's be honest - you have to have at least a few sneaky treats on vacation!)

Enjoy Tokyo, and Happy Eating!

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