Ride a cafe bus to see the real life locations from the film Your Name

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The award winning, highest grossing film and  extremely popular anime film Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa  君の名は)of 2016-2017,
where one day the two main characters Taki and Mitsuha magically switch bodies and the story goes on of them both wanting to meet each other.

So as many of you know there is the DVD and Blu-ray  release on July 26th,  in addition to the release of the version (with English subs), instead of sitting around at home watching it , you can now experience the film in a whole new way.

In japan there's a lot of collaboration of cute characters and popular anime ,this time you get a chance to experience a special kind of cafe which is a cafe bus ,touring around and eating foods that are based on Your Name.

Beautiful like the film and story itself , if you watched it like over and over like me you will notice that the beautiful background art,
well this is your chance to see the real life scenery in the film  by reserving yourself a  seat on the Your Name Cafe Bus.
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Starting from August 3rd you can join this tour bus showing you around Tokyo just like the beautiful background art in the  film.
This tour is a 90 minute bus ride going to Shinjuku's Yunika Vision ,the underpass near the Shinjuku Police Station , going around  locations
at Yotsuya neighborhoods,the pedestrian bridge at Shinanomachi Station and as seen in the Film's opening and ending
the tour will end near Tokyo Station.
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The Bus will be decorated with the main characters Mitsuha and Taki also showing some familar shots from the film.
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You will get to enjoy the theme foods like the croquette and pancake along with iced latte on top of the open bus while enjoying the scenery.

This is a collaboration with THE GUEST cafe and WILLER Bus.
The menu recreates the croquette sandwich Taki eats in the middle of his school day and the fruit-topped pancake Mitsuha photographs and eats when she is in Taki's body.

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Like most cafes in Japan , each customer will receive a Your Name coaster. there are 8 designs to collect.

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The YOUR NAME Cafe Bus will be during August 3rd to September 29th, tickets are 5.800 Yen and you can make reservations at the Willer's website
(in English)

Julia Lai