Suburban Sundays: Daikanyama Foodie Edition

Daikanyama is a trendy little suburb just a stone's throw away from Shibuya - we're talking literally one stop away on the Tokyu Toyoko train line. The area has a bunch of fun things to explore - and in particular has loads of cute cafes and eateries. So without further ado - here's your quick foodie inspired guide to this part of Tokyo!

Get one of the prettiest sandwiches ever at King George

A cafe where you can get not only a gorgeous looking sandwich (and who doesn't love a good sandwich!) but also a cocktail? Sign. me. up! They have plenty of options, such as their namesake The King George which is oven baked turkey and provolone on rye bread, and the Hungry Ewan - turkey, honey glazed ham, provolone, avocado, and barbecue sauce (yum!)

Granted, they're not the cheapest sandwiches around (1400-1900 yen depending on what you get) but they are very large and packed full of ingredients - definitely no skimping here! You can check out their website here for more options!


Burgers more your style? Try Sasa for a GIANT one to share with a group!

Are you in Tokyo for a special occasion? Perhaps it's a birthday trip, or an anniversary celebration. Ever wanted to celebrate with a giant burger instead of a cake? Sasa Grill Burger Club have that option for you! As long as you give them enough advance notice (they ask for 5 days notice) then you'll have a hamburger worthy of feeding a crowd - complete with candles and all. It will set you back 5800 yen, but it is quite literally 2 kilograms of burger goodness. Of course, they have normal burger sizes too - my recommendation is the Avocado Burger!


Try a glam crepe at TajiMaji

Crepes are a bit of a Tokyo icon, with many crepe retailers across the city - particularly in Harajuku. If you're wanting a crepe that has a bit more of a grown up, fancified feel, a spot to check out is TajiMaji. The owner of the store, Tetsuji Kakegawa, said the goal of TajiMaji was to give you a food from your childhood in a more developed form - and they hit the nail on the head with that! Their crepe flavor options include Cotton Coffee Chocolat (coffee cream, vanilla ice cream and chocolate biscuit) and Cymbidium Litchi (hibiscus jelly, lychee, marshmallows with strawberry). It's absolutely a luxurious feeling store with a luxurious feeling product! 


Head to the Spring Valley Brewery for some beer tasting

A craft beer brewery right in the heart of Tokyo? Daikanyama has it! The Spring Valley Brewery is housed in a super modern looking building, and one of the best things (in my opinion!) that you can get here is the tasting set - 6 beers, with 6 different snacks that are best paired with them. They also have an offering of a charcuterie board served with different beers, and a chocolate cake/beer combination too (it's my kind of place, what can I say!)

Enjoy Tokyo, and Happy Eating!

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