Best Smoothie and Juice Bar! Honey's Kitchen

I love smoothies; but for some reason, there are very few smoothie joints in Tokyo. Back home in America, I could just drive to my local Jamba Juice, or if I went into downtown Los Angeles, it was relatively easy to find smoothie and cold-pressed juice stores. Another problem has been finding smoothies that are reasonably priced. Tokyo is already more expensive than America, and an ¥800 smoothie that you can drink in several sips doesn't sound too appealing. BUT the search is over! I've finally found somewhere that's reasonably priced, centrally located AND delicious!
Meet Honey's Kitchen, a juice and smoothie shop located in Shibuya's Modi department store. Honey's Kitchen is part of Vecua Honey, a Japanese brand known for making products using organic honey. The juice shop uses this honey in all of their drinks, and it tastes AMAZING.

Modi is located towards Tower Records

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There are a variety of flavors you can choose from! My Favorite = Honey Dessert Smoothie, Power Protect = Acai Yogurt Smoothie, Power Betacyanin = Red Beet Juice, Beauty Vitamin = Avocado Sesame Juice, Green Healthy = Spinach Soy Juice, Dietary Fiber = Mango Banana Smoothie. (I translated the ingredients so in case anyone has allergies!♡)
Don't they look so good!?

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I ordered the Power Protect, or Acai Yogurt Smoothie. What I love about these smoothies is that the fruit is fresh. Other smoothies I've drunk use only frozen fruit, and they mostly taste like ice. However, Honey's Kitchen uses fresh ingredients and blends them in front of you, so you can see what goes into your drink!
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If you're into smoothies, I highly recommend! They also have ice cream and a variety of teas, and their seasonal limited-time specials look really good too! This month's flavors are: Yuzu and Grated Apple Juice and Creamy Apple Caramel Smoothie. If you're in the Shibuya area check it out!

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Vecua Honey Marché Shibuya MODI
1-21-3 Shibuya-ku, Jinan, Shibuya Modi 1F, Tokyo
TEL : 03-4336-8221

Hours: 12:00-20:30
*Note operating hours are different from MODI. 

website (only in Japanese): 

Austi Kaji