Craving some good coffee? Here's your new favorite coffee spot!

When it comes to coffee in Japan, many tourists flock to Starbucks for their Japan-limited-edition-drinks; or for Asian tourists, Blue Bottle is the current hype.  But if you're interested in something more local or original, I have just the place for you.

Welcome to Ebisu's hipster coffee spot--Sarutahiko Coffee. 
Sarutahiko Coffee in Ebisu Tokyo

Sarutahiko Coffee was founded 5 years ago by a 30 year old barista, who was determined to to keep his passion flowing through his coffee.  His goal is to, in his words, "bring a smile to your face with just one cup of coffee"; and I must say he's been doing a pretty good job of it, as they brighten up the faces of sleepy-eyed office goers on their way to work every morning. 

There's seating for around 20 or so people in the shop, so most people opt for take out-but if you have time, find a spot at one of their wooden benches, and enjoy the chilled-out music.  On a fair day, you can sit out side on the terrace and just people watch for a while.  Apart from the relaxing environment, what I love about Sarutahiko are their cute cup designs, which changes every once in a while, but always puts me in a very festive mood!  Unlike many other coffee shops, they also sell decaf-drinks, a good choice for those who don't want to be jacked up on caffeine.  If you're visiting with kids, they also have kiddy drinks like "coffee milk" and orange juice for children. 
Ice Cafe Latte

Cute Handwritten Menu

If you're loving their taste so much that you want to bring some home with you, browse through their coffee beans section.  Baristas will help you choose the most suitable taste for you, and of course if you want de-caf, you have that option as well!  On their online shop, you have an even wider selection of products, such as seasonal gift packages of iced coffee or coffee jelly. 
Coffee Beans at Sarutahiko

Sarutahiko has quite a few shops scattered around Ebisu, Shinjuku, and Omotesando; they have three shops in Ebisu alone, and another new one coming in Shinjuku Lumine!  They're open 7 days a week from 10am till late at night; it depends on the shop, but some are even open till 12:30 am. 

Make sure to check their opening hours and access information here before you go!

*Click HERE to access the Sarutahiko Online Shop! 

Ivy Chu