J World- a guide to the Shounen Jump theme park

Anyone who watches anime knows shounen jump, and for a good reason- long running series such as Dragon Ball Z and Naruto were usually the first anime people watched as children on cartoon network, even before they found out what anime is. Their characters are really iconic and in Ikebukuro, Tokyo there exists a mini theme park for these well-loved series, known as J World.
There is an admission fee of 800 yen for adults or 600 yen for kids. There is also the unlimited attractions pass, which includes all the rides/games at 2600 yen for adults and 2400 yen for kids, but after 5pm, these prices are reduced to 1800 yen for adults and 1600 yen for kids. 

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The place is divided into sections dedicated to each of the series, and there are plenty of photo opportunities all around the theme park! The bulk of the park is divided between 3 series- One Piece, Naruto and Dragon Ball.
First, lets talk about the rides/interactive games. There are a total of 6 main games- 3 in the One piece area, 2 in the dragon ball area and 1 in the Naruto area. These games, on their own cost 800 yen each, with the exception of the One piece carousel, which costs 400 yen. Clearly, if you plan on going for all the rides, buying the unlimited pass is the best option.  Most of the games have some (limited) English instructions, so reading the English guide book before playing is recommended, but not entirely necessary. 
Knowing the shows is pretty crucial to having fun in J world, since the main attraction is the set designs and characters, rather than the rides. Remember, the theme park is within a mall, and so the rides are small and more aimed at children. This does not mean that they are not fun though, as most of my friends who visited the park especially liked the Naruto game and the Dragon Ball VR attraction. 
Besides the big franchises I've mentioned earlier, there are also sections dedicated to other shounen jump series, where you can play mini games (these are not covered in the unlimited pass).  My sister loved the Haikyuu area where she played a pork bun related mini game and won a key chain! There are also characters walking around, and the staff are more than happy to take photos for you.
In addition to the characters moving around, all of the areas had life size cut outs of characters. Besides the areas dedicated to specific anime, there is also a 'J carnival' area, filled with claw machines, gachapon, carnival games and anime purikura! This is a great place to win some merchandise.
image from https://medium.com/ignition-int/j-world-tokyo-9c5d326b1461
Besides all of the games an photo opportunities, there is also lots of themed food being sold at the J world Kitchen, and at the One piece cafe! You can get Naruto's Ramen, a Majin Buu pork bun and some limited edition foods. The food is of average quality, as expected, but its the aesthetic that matters more in this case, and in any themed cafe for that matter. 

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Just outside the cafe area is the gift shop, where you can get a variety of exclusive J world merchandise, including T shirts, puzzles, key chains and plushies.
image from https://medium.com/ignition-int/j-world-tokyo-9c5d326b1461
Before you go, I highly recommend that you figure out which of the 6 main attractions you would like to go to from their website, so that you can make a more informed decision as to whether you want to buy the unlimited pass. The night pass is definitely the best value for money, and time is not compromised either as you can enter the park from 5pm to 10pm.  For information on the ticketing, click here.

Asha Mehta